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Best Tongue and Groove Router Bits

Best Tongue and Groove Router Bits : Top 10 Picks for 2024

Storage units are an integral part of homes when it comes to keeping things organized and avoiding your house from turning into a complete mess.

However, buying ready-made storage units or hiring a carpenter to build you one can be quite expensive, and the furniture won’t necessarily replicate your taste fully.

On the other hand, building cabinets and cupboards by yourself can seem like a daunting task because of all the small pieces it requires you to make.

Having the best tongue and groove router bits will ensure that you can overcome this fear and easily make small, compact wooden pieces in a matter of minutes.



Editor's Rating


KOWOOD Tongue and Groove Set

5 out of 5

Freud 1-3/4” Adjustable Tongue & Groove Bit Set

5 out of 5

Yonico 15221 ¾-Inch 2 Bit

4.5 out of 5

Helovmine Tongue and Groove Bit

4 out of 5

½” Shank Reversible Finger Joint Router Bit

4.5 out of 5

10 Best Tongue and Groove Router Bits 2021

Below are reviews of 10 of the most top-grade tongue and groove router bits that you can find available in the current market.

Go through each of them to learn more about these products, their benefits, and drawbacks to understand which one will fit your needs the most.

1. KOWOOD Tongue and Groove Set

Are you looking for a tongue and groove router bits set that has a high level of durability, and one purchase can last you for a couple of years with ease?

Then you would get a kick out of this product as its alloy blades, and hardened steel body can withstand a lot of rough use while also having fantastic longevity.

A stellar and dependable product by KOWOOD, this unit is committed to giving you a safe and secure user experience alongside its admirable sturdiness.

You will love its unique anti-kickback design, which drastically reduces the chances of accidents while also guaranteeing safety during the installation process.

One of the most significant factors carpentry enthusiasts keep an eye out for when buying a tongue and groove router bits’ set is the kind of materials it is compatible with.

Well, you can permanently drive these thoughts out of your head after purchasing this unit as it is very versatile and is usable on a plethora of materials, including wood, particleboard, MDF, and plywood.

Keeping aside the fact that this is a nifty item and you’ll get a kick out of using it, this unit has a few issues that you need to be aware of.

Among them, the most significant one is the fact that you will face a lot of tear-outs at the end grain when applying on softwood, which makes it chip away on materials unnecessarily more than its competitors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Blades are made of alloy for sharper cuts
  • Hardened steel body for substantially superior durability
  • Anti-kickback design for a safe and convenient installation
  • Versatile for using on a plethora of materials

2. Freud 1-3/4” Adjustable Groove and Tongue Router Bit Set

A common dream that veteran carpenters and novices share is a tongue and groove bit set that doesn’t create any chips or tear-outs on the wood.

Buying this product will turn this dream into a reality because of its shear angles, which oppose each other to remove any possibility of chips and tear-outs altogether.

One of the biggest concerns that come to mind when buying a tongue and groove bit set is its adaptability and compatibility with furniture.

Well, worry no more as Freud ensures that this product can fit into various cupboards and cabinets by having a universal diameter of 1-3/4”.

Another fantastic feature of this tongue and groove bit set bound to attract you is its design.

Sporting a no-nonsense structure that entirely focuses on performance rather than aesthetics, this unit has a stainless steel body that ensures that it can take on a lot of pressure and last for a long time.

Although this product has some attractive features, it does have a major flaw which will require you to run out to the hardware stores for frequent replacements.

The carbides of this unit are flimsy which breaks quite easily regardless of its hardy body, rendering the entire product useless.

Highlighted Features:

  • Opposed shear angles to decrease tear-outs and chippings
  • Stainless steel body for superior durability
  • 1-3/4” diameter for universal application
  • ½” shank provided with each purchase for convenient use

3. Yonico 15221 ¾-Inch Router Bits

If you’re planning to make wardrobes and cupboards containing a lot of storage while also withstanding rough use, you will need to make hinges that are deep enough, and for that, you will need heavy-duty tongue and groove router bits.

In that case, this product is what you will be looking for as it can make ¼” thick and ½” deep tongues.

Other than making storage containers, this unit is also useful for making substantial holding structures, which require more outstanding durability.

The thick tongues it creates can accommodate thicker shanks, which are powerful enough to construct rails and stiles that very few of its competitors are able to do.

Many of the projects constructed with the average tongue and groove router bits require constant maintenance and more frequent replacements because the edges fade quicker.

You won’t have to worry about this issue when using this fantastic product by Yonico as it uses blades of C3 micro-grain tungsten of a premium quality, which makes edges with superior longevity and incredible sharpness.

There are many reasons why this product is considered the best tongue and groove router bits, but it does have a few minor problems that you need to look out for before settling on a purchase.

The most significant flaw is that the cutters aren’t ¼”, making it difficult to get clean, accurate edges by using it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for making deep tongues for heavy use
  • More powerful to make stiles and rails
  • Use of C3 micro-grain tungsten blades for making supreme edges
  • Stronger due to silver induction brazing

4. Helovmine Tongue and Groove Tool Set

Are you someone who chose carpentry as a profession and is looking to buy tongue and groove router bits that can add value to your toolset while also making you extremely professional?

Then you will love this product as purchasing it will provide you with all the necessary bits and pieces necessary for woodworking at a professional capacity with proper efficiency.

One purchase of this beautiful product by Helovmine will ensure that you won’t have to go back to the hardware store for tongue and groove router bits anytime soon due to the premium components that go into making it.

A combination of hardened steel with an anti-kickback design guarantees maximum sturdiness, while Teflon coating ensures resistance to heat with this unit.

Alongside the wide variety of attachments that you will get with this product, it is also usable on a wide range of materials, making the unit stand out with efficient performance in just about any project.

Except for ferrous metals, this product is usable on any surface, including hardwood, plywood, and particleboard.

Regardless of this model being an excellent fit for your toolset, there are a few issues that you will have to solve before you can apply it.

This unit is initially quite dull, and you will have to sharpen them up properly before use and make the most out of this unit.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product comes as a complete set with necessary components for woodworking
  • Hardened steel on product body for heightened durability
  • Teflon coating to make the product heat-resistant
  • Usable on almost all types of wood for universal compatibility

5. Jooyle ½” Shank Reversible Finger Joint Router Bit

Finding a tongue and groove bit set with a good handle is extremely necessary as the grip plays a pivotal part in increasing the product's overall efficiency and performance.

Thankfully, this product has your back as it has carbon steel, ensuring smooth handling while also guaranteeing that you can create finger joints quickly using it.

One of the significant problems carpenters face when using tongue and groove router bits is the existent risk of additional processing, leading to your furniture having a rough finish.

Jooyle introduces the combination of shear angles and high hooks, which significantly reduces the need for further processing while also ensuring that the wood's interior and exterior is perfectly smooth without any splinters sticking out.

Woodworking will never be the same once you have got a taste of these tongue and groove router bits.

This unit can easily cut through just about any kind of wood without making a mess of your workstation, making the use of router bits of premium quality.

Although many reasons are enough to convince you to buy this set of tongue and groove router bits, it does come with its fair share of problems, which can be annoying if you don’t know about them in advance.

Most of this product’s flaws arise from its weak spindle, which can bend easily, making it difficult to operate.

Highlighted Features:

  • Carbon steel handle for a firmer grip
  • Shear angle and high hook combination for reducing splinters
  • Premium router bits for convenient use on maximum wood types
  • Micro grain carbide blades for superior sharpness

6. Yonico 15229 Flooring 2 Bit Tongue and Groove Flooring Router Bit

Suppose you’re a carpentry enthusiast looking to make wooden projects from the comfort of your workstation in your garage or basement. In that case, you do not need premium industrial-grade tongue and groove router bits.

Instead, consider this product as it is ideal for medium projects with a 5/8” stock while also supporting projects as minimal as 3/8”.

Maximum tongue and groove router bits tend to be pretty-one dimensional in use, with the ones suitable for crafting furniture and storage units unable to work on the flooring.

However, this product is compatible with both furniture crafting and flooring, granting you the comfort of not having to run to the hardware store if you’re planning on using wood on your floors.

Another clear indicator that this product is suitable for home projects only lies in devices it’s compatible with.

This tongue and groove router bits’ set is usable only on a table mount router, giving you the privilege of using it in your workstation without any hitches whatsoever.

When it comes to identifying flaws, most of the issues you will find with this tongue and groove router bits’ set will be before you can start using it.

Setting up this product can be especially difficult for a unit specifically made for household use, making it a nightmare for carpentry novices.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for use on miniature products because of compatibility with 3/8” stock
  • Dual compatibility for use on furniture crafting and flooring
  • Usable on table mount roller for household use
  • Doesn’t require a fence as it rides along with the wood

7. Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set by LU&MN

A newcomer in the carpentry world will do well if they have simple tongue and groove router bits as a part of their beginner’s toolset. Besides, the premium options can be daunting and complicated to use.

Novices will get a kick out of this product as it features two pieces of the tongue router bit, a ¼ inch shank, and a groove router bit with a kickback design for easy use.

Buying this product also means comfort in use while ensuring that you won’t have to return to the hardware store anytime soon for a replacement.

The carbon steel body of this tongue and groove router set ensures that it will not get damaged quickly, while each of the components has a generous coating of Teflon to increase resistance to heat.

There can be no complaints about this product's supreme performance, which is exceedingly better than most of its competitors.

LU&MN tipped the cutters of this product with tungsten carbide, which significantly increases its precision and helps create accurate cuts while minimizing splinters and prevents the mess from woodworking.

The defects that this product has won’t be visible to the naked eye; however, you will start noticing issues when you put it to work.

This tongue and groove router bits’ set is utterly useless on hard materials like steel or other ferrous metal as the blades will break automatically on contact.

Highlighted Features:

  • Minimal components for easy application
  • Carbon steel body to increase durability
  • Coated with Teflon to heighten heat resistance
  • Cutters are tipped with tungsten carbide for accurate cuts

8. Stalwart - 75-ST6042

One of the biggest problems that can come from owning tongue and groove router bits is the risk of losing its components due to the lack of proper packaging, which can cause the entire set to become completely useless.

If you purchase this product, you will never have to worry about this problem as this unit comes in its very own wooden case, making it convenient to carry around.

Coming from the highly acclaimed line of products by stalwart, purchasing this tongue and groove router set ensures that you will be able to use it for a wide range of purposes. 

The inclusion of shims to adjust the tongue and groove's width means that you will be able to use it for projects that vary from home improvement to paneling.

Very few tongues and groove router sets can match this product in terms of durability and comfort.

This product features a solid steel body, allowing it to showcase great strength and toughness while the Teflon coating protects it during use in high-temperature situations.

Although you won’t find any noticeable flaws initially on the purchase, the shortcomings will start showing if you plan on using it professionally. 

Contrary to premium tongue and groove router sets, this product jacks up and burns wood excessively, making it more suitable for novices than veterans.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wooden case provided for superior portability
  • Shims included to execute wide variety of projects
  • Teflon coating to withstand heat
  • Dovetail bits available in 12.7mm and 9.5mm

9. Bosch 84623M 1-7/8 In. x ¼ In. Carbide Bits

One of the best ways to find out how good and efficient a tongue and groove router bit can be is to know the kind of materials it can infiltrate, and the thickness levels it can reach.

In that case, this product will not turn out to be a disappointment as it can penetrate thick materials in an instant as it can cut grooves and tongues with a thickness of ¾”.

Another important indicator of a good tongue and groove router set is to see how its body design and construction can contribute to its performance.

You will be much impressed by this product's design as having this unit on full assembly ensures that you will be able to use it to cut the tongue with ease.

Bosch understands how expensive wood can be and how costly of a mistake splinters and tear-outs can be; therefore, it has gone to great lengths with this tongue and groove router bit set to ensure perfect trimming.

By attaching a ball containing a shielded pilot, you will be executing trims with this product that will make the wood look like it had gotten out of a professional carpenter’s workshop.

Although this is a great product to have around, you will need a specific attachment to use it to its full capacity.

You will need a ½” shank for this tongue and groove router set to function altogether; otherwise, buying it is a futile endeavor, and the tool will be completely useless.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ability to make ¾” thick cuts, making it suitable for use on heavy materials
  • Full assembly ensures efficient tongue cuts
  • Clean trims with the help of shielded pilot balls
  • Compatible with portable routers for convenience

10. Whiteside Router Bits 3370 Wedge Tongue and Groove Set

Most tongue and groove router sets can be very flimsy as they maintain a rectangular shape, which can weaken the connection of limbs between your projects.

On the contrary, very few products can measure up to this unit in terms of strength as it features a wedge-like design, which ensures a firmer grip and pulls the limbs together tightly.

If you’re planning on making a large-scale project or one that requires a lot of power to work smoothly, then we highly recommend that you use this tongue and groove router set.

Perfect for use on materials having a thickness of 5/8”, this product is perfect for constructing heavy-duty wardrobes and cupboards.

Most tongue and groove router bits tend to buckle under pressure and fail when a highly powerful router is used to connect them.

On the other hand, this fantastic product by Whiteside ensures that you can use it with a router having a horsepower of 2 and above without the unit breaking apart.

Maximum problems you will face by using this product is due to its lack of attachments.

Since this tongue and groove router bit set comes with little to no assistive tools, you will need to make a few extra purchases to work on your project, which might rack up the product's overall expense.

Highlighted Features:

  • Design replicating a wedge for better connectivity
  • 5/8” thickness for use on heavy-duty projects
  • Usable on routers with 2HP and above due to superior strength
  • Industrial quality and carbide body to sustain great pressure





Teflon Coating

KOWOOD Tongue and Groove Set

4.13 x 4.13 x 2.36 inches

11.2 Ounces


Freud 1-3/4” Adjustable Tongue & Groove Bit Set

Freud 1-3/4”

1 x 1 x 1 inches

14.1 Ounces


Yonico 15221 ¾-Inch 2 Bit Tongue and Groove Router

Yonico 15221 ¾

6.25 x 5.25 x 3 inches

1.24 Pounds


Tongue and Groove Router Bit Tool Set

Helovmine Router Bit Tool Set

5.2 x 4.8 x 2.4 inches

1.23 Pounds


½” Shank Reversible Finger Joint Router Bit

Jooyle ½” Shank Reversible Finger Joint Router Bit

4.45 x 3.27 x 2.44 inches

8.1 Ounces


Yonico 15229 Flooring 2 Bit Tongue and Groove Flooring Router Bit

Yonico 15229

5 x 3.75 x 4 inches

9.3 Ounces


Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set with ¼ Inch Shank T Shape, Wood Milling Saw Cutter

LU&MN ¼ Inch Shank T Shape Router Bits

5.8 x 4.4 x 2.5 inches

3.52 Ounces


Stalwart - 75-ST6042 Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set

Stalwart - 75-ST6042

5.75 x 4.38 x 2.5 inches

1.2 Pounds


Bosch 84623M 1-7/8 In. x ¼ In. Carbide Tipped Tongue and Groove Bit

Bosch 84623M 1-7/8 In. x ¼ In


5.6 Ounces


Whiteside Router Bits 3370 Wedge Tongue and Groove Set

Whiteside Router Bits 3370

4 x 4 x 3.5 inches

6.4 Ounces


Best Tongue and Groove Router Bits Buying Guide

Best Tongue and Groove Router Bits Buying Guide

Finding and purchasing the perfect tongue and groove router bit can be a perplexing and challenging task because of how similar they all look and yet have so many different features.

However, if you keep an eye out for the following factors when going out for a purchase, you will be able to find the unit that will suit your needs the best.

Build Material

One of the most vital factors that help define whether a tongue and groove router bit are genuinely up to the mark or not is building materials that go into manufacturing it. These help determine their hardiness and probable longevity.

The good tongue and groove router bits use solid hardened steel as their primary build material to ensure that you can use this product for a long time without any dents forming on it. They also have a Teflon coating to resist fire.


Many carpentry enthusiasts tend to overlook this factor when buying tongue and groove router bits and end up with a very messy product.

Handling plays a crucial role in determining the accuracy of the product and how well it treats wood.

Always go for a tongue and groove router bit with a metallic handle to provide a firm grip during operation. This factor will ensure that your product has a powerful hold over the wood and prevent any mishaps from occurring.



Although this might seem like a lighthearted feature, the shape of a tongue and groove router bit indicates how powerful a performance it can provide.

Going for just about any shape without prior research might result in a project that falls apart a few days after making it.

It’s best to opt for a wedge-shaped tongue and groove router bit over the ones that resemble a square.

These products tend to have a strong clinch on wood and hold onto each other with superior strength.


Sharpness is one of the key indicators as to the performance of the tongue and groove router bit.

The sharper the product is, the more quickly and efficiently it can infiltrate a wide variety of different materials.

The ideal tongue and groove router bit will be able to infiltrate a thickness level of at least 5/8”. The products’ sharpness should be good enough to work effectively on all kinds of wood without any hitches.

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Final Words

Crafting furniture and making home improvement might have seemed like a strenuous and complicated task in the past.

But now that you have gone through our reviews, carpentry is bound to become your most favorite hobby since you know how to purchase the best tongue and groove router bits for yourself.

Now it’s time to head over to your workstation and start building that project you’ve been putting off for so long. It will only be a matter of time till your home gets filled with your own furniture and storage units!

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