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Best Router Table Fence

Best Router Table Fence for The Money (2024) [Top 8 Picks]

Are you a woodworker and want to have consistent and reliable cuts for your woodworking projects? Then, there is no alternative to adding a router table fence to your gear.

In case if you tinker with customary carpentry projects, a router table fence will end up being a fundamental part of your working process. The best router table fence ensures added control and utmost stability while woodworking.



Editor's Rating


Kreg, Router Table Fence PRS1015

5 out of 5

Taytools 300015

5 out of 5

Woodpecker Router Fence SF-36SINGLE

4.5 out of 5

Peachtree Woodworking Table Fence PW1098

4 out of 5

JessEm, Master Fence II 4010

4.5 out of 5

To help you make the right purchase, we have looked into tons of units and prepared comprehensive router table fence reviews. Have a look!

Top 8 Recommended Best Router Table Fence On The Market

1. Kreg, Router Table Fence PRS1015

With the PRS1015, you won’t need to worry about the dimension of your router table. Its unique singular side design makes the product universally mountable. So, you can comfortably set it up with router tables ranging 0.25 to 1.5-inches.

Unlike most router table fences, you can adjust the fence single handedly. Thus, it provides you additional control over the operation.

For extra security, Kreg designs the product with two locks. You’ll find a wide paddle lock at the end of the infeed and a quarter-turn locking mechanism at the end of outfeed. They keep the fence from suddenly springing outwards and prevent kickbacks during operation.

The creators even included a customizable measuring scale, equipped with a micro-adjuster wheel for your convenience. The scale helps you to perfectly position the fence, allowing precise adjustment capabilities.

Among the different shapes of router table fences, this one is designed in a T shape, also known as a T-square router fence.

This particular choice of design keeps the fence parallel to the miter-gauge’s slot all the time, making it a very reflexive tool.

This aluminum router fence is anodized for added strength. You can slide the fence faces individually, which allows you to balance the working materials perfectly closer to the bit. It also ensures that most of the deflected chips are caught into the inbuilt dust port of the fence.

The product also includes dual jointing rods, which allow the fence to multifunction as a jointer.

Furthermore, a measuring tape, a bit guard, and the necessary installation hardware are added to the package.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with a customizable measuring scale.
  • The measuring scale is equipped with a micro-adjuster wheel.
  • The product can multifunction as a jointer.
  • It includes an inbuilt dust port.
  • The fence faces can slide individually.

2. Taytools 300015 Router Fence 

If you are looking for a rugged aluminum router fence with all the convenient features, the 300015 would be a perfect choice. 

The length of the fence is 32-inches.

It is made from 0.375-inch thick aluminum, which is anodized for strength and protection. The manufacturer uses extruded aluminum, which further increases its infrastructural strength and balance.

Due to this manufacturing process, the metal doesn’t bend or bow when the humidity level in the atmosphere changes. 

Using cutting edge technology, the fence faces are made from MDF (Medium Density Fiber) boards, plated with melamine. The faces can be adjusted using four knobs set at the back. The knobs are threaded for ease of use and precision.

The outfeed fence face is equipped with a convenient shim system as well.

The alterable knobs offer a spacing range of 6.5 to 10.75-inches. You can also set them at 18 to 22-inches range. The fence opening can function with router bits up to 3.5-inches in diameter.

The 4.5-inch long adjustment knobs, set at the rear, make it easy to alter the fence’s position from front to back. This feature can be very handy and useful in increasing the speed of your workflow.

Along with the fence, the router table fence kit also includes a feather board, bit guard and an alterable stop. However, the manufacturers do not include any router or table in the package.

Highlighted Features:

  • It includes MDF fence faces plated with melamine.
  • Its fence opening can function with router bits up to 3.5-inches in diameter.
  • It provides an outfeed fence face equipped with a cutting edge shim system.
  • The rear adjustment knobs make it easy to alter the fence’s position.
  • The alterable knobs offer a wide spacing range.

3. Woodpeckers SF-36SINGLE

The SF-36SINGLE is an all-rounder router fence with a solid build quality.

The router table fence is 36-inches in length. The powerful fence comes with an offset option. You can micro-adjust the offset up to 0.25-inches. The product also comes with joint rods, thus it can multifunction as a jointer.

It has a convenient design that allows you to attach featherboards to the fence without any extra tools.

It also has an integrated dust port, which is manufactured to function with any 2.25 to 2.5-inch diameter hose. Thus, it can function with a wide range of dust collectors.

The fence faces are designed in a way to be straight and parallel to each other for user comfort. Its innovative engineering allows you to make tricky and difficult cuts with ease.

It’s equipped with multiple T-slots on the vertical part. This makes attaching other router table accessories, such as stops, sub-fences quite smooth and spontaneous.

Both the horizontal and vertical parts of the fence are made from aircraft-grade, extruded aluminum. Thus, despite having a strong amount of infrastructural strength, the product stays light in weight.

Highlighted Features:

  • It provides an offset option with micro-adjustable capacities.
  • It provides 4 T-slots to make attaching additional tools easy.
  • The fence’s dust port can fit from 2.25 to 2.5-inch diameter hoses.
  • Featherboards can be attached to the fence without using any extra tools.
  • The base is built from aircraft grade, extruded aluminum.

4. Peachtree Woodworking, Table Fence Router PW1098

The PW1098 offers a lot of potential within a simple design.

The fence is manufactured from industrial grade aluminum. Known as an L-shaped fence, this product is slotted and predrilled. Thus, it can be instantly mounted on any router table or other setups in your workshop.

The fence is 32-inches long. It has dual 0.25-inch slots as well as an open rectangular shaped slot in the middle.

This design allows you to swiftly mount the fence on a variety of setups, such as band saw fences, press tables, and of course router tables.

The vertical portion of the fence is 0.183-inches in thickness and the horizontal part is 0.178-inches in thickness. Thus, you can be sure that the fence is sturdy enough to manage heavyweight operations.

It’s engineered quite intelligently, so that you can use it with smaller additional accessories, such as jigs.

You can also purchase a 24-inch version of this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can be used with versatile types of setups.
  • The product’s design allows you to swiftly mount the fence on any router table.
  • It can also be used with band-saw fences and press tables.
  • Carved from a singular piece, the fence offers superior structural strength.
  • It’s thick enough to handle any heavyweight operation.

5. JessEm, Master Fence II 4010

If you are looking for wholesome router table fences that offer a significant amount of longevity, the Master Fence II 4010 by JessEm is a perfect choice.

It is an adjustable router table fence. Moreover, unlike most router tabletop and fence products, this one doesn’t require the usage of any tool for adjustment purposes.

The frame of the fence is created from industrial grade, extruded aluminum. That means the frame is created from an undivided piece of aluminum with a cross-sectional profile. This provides the product with a high amount of internal structural strength.

The removable fence faces are edge banded with MDF boards. They have complete adjustability and fast locking knobs for seamless security.

The product also features a fence track with integrated scales, mounted on the side, to make your job precise and easy at the same time.

It provides both a shim system and an offsetting option at 0.031-inch and 0.062-inch. The offset bars also showcase an integrated storage on board, which makes the task of offsetting easier than ever.

Often recommended as the best router table fence in the market by experts, the product can function with any (32 x 24)-inch router table. Its mounting track is designed quite intelligently, which makes tasks like adjusting and assembly user-friendly for any compatible router table.

The dust port has also been upgraded from more efficient dust, chips, and debris collection.

Moreover, the tracks of the fences are fully alterable with adjustable scaling options. This allows you to set the product at accurate settings. The fence also offers positive locking knobs/modules.  

Highlighted Features:

  • It doesn’t require the usage of any tool for adjustment purposes.
  • Its tracks are fully alterable with adjustable scaling options.
  • This fence can function with any (32 x 24)-inch router table.
  • The product comes with positive locking knobs.
  • Its mounting track makes tasks like adjusting and assembly easy.

6. JessEm, Router Table Fence Mast-R-Fence III

With the Mast-R-Fence III, JessEm brings the construction of a router fence to a whole new level.

First off, it provides a completely flat surface using a “Red Phenolic” base. Its other parts are made from industrial quality and extruded 6061 grade aluminum, these are precision machined and offer an anodized black finish. It uses “high boy” style knobs from similar quality aluminum.

The router fence is equipped with Maplewood sub fences. These sub fences are cut, precision machined, and finally etched with laser technology to give them a unique branded appearance and superb infrastructural quality.

Moreover, they can be adjusted without using any additional tool and smoothly locked using knobs set at the back portion of the fence.

Lauded as the best router table top and fence by many users, it is designed with a new and improved dust chute. The chute has a 2.25-inches of inner and a 2.5-inches of outer diameter.

This is the standard fitting measurement for most dust collecting hoses attached with dust collectors and therefore, provides the product with widespread compatibility.

Despite its strong infrastructure, the product weighs only 19-pounds. The 39-inch long router fence is designed with a state-of-the-art shim system, using laser tech etched fence face shimming bars.

One side is manufactured for offsetting the fence face at 0.031-inches while the other side can offset the fence at 0.062-inches. You can also easily store the shimming bars in a holder, set at the back of the fence when needed.

Highlighted Features:

  • The fence is equipped with Maplewood sub fences.
  • The sub fences are cut, precision machined, and etched with laser technology.
  • The product provides a completely flat surface using a “Red Phenolic” base.
  • It uses “high boy” style knobs for ease of operation.
  • This product offers laser tech etched fence face shimming bars.

7. Taytools 300016 Deluxe Fence for Router Table

This is the 24-inch version of our previously mentioned 300015 by Taytools.

The fence is 3.5-inches tall. It’s manufactured from extruded and anodized aluminum maintaining a 0.375-inch thickness. The aluminum is designed to stay non-reactive through humidity fluctuations.

The product also includes a feather board made from industrial grade plastic, alterable stop, bit guard, and an improved dust port.

The dust port is designed with a 2.25-inch inner and 2.5-inch outer diameter, which fits most standard dust collection hoses.

This fence is designed with T-tracks both at the front and top, which allows you to fit in a variety of additional working tools. There are 4.5-inch high knobs, set at the back, which let you bring the fence forward and backward with ease.

These alterable knobs offer a spacing range of 18.25” to 22.25”. The fence faces are built from medium density fiber (MDF) boards, over coated smoothly with high quality melamine for longevity.

Being one of the best router fence models, this product has a highly functional shim system. Each fence face is designed with 2 offset track sets. For example, the fence face on the outfeed can be shimmed out at either at 0.062-inches or at 0.031-inches.

The fence faces are built from melamine-coated MDF. The opening of the fence can be altered to your preference using 4 threaded knobs set at the back.

The opening can function with bits up to 3.5-inch diameter bits. The product weighs only 7.73 pounds despite its strong build and other features.

Highlighted Features:

  • The fence’s aluminum stays non-reactive through humidity fluctuations.
  • The fence opening can be altered using 4 threaded knobs set at the back.
  • Each of the fence face is designed with 2 offset track sets.
  • The MDF fence faces are over-coated smoothly with melamine for longevity.
  • This product is designed with T-tracks both at the front and top.

8. Peachtree Woodworking Fence Kit PW1073

If you are looking for a router table fence kit with the most amount of effective accessories, the PW1073 by Peachtree Woodworking is a prime choice.

The product includes a 32-inch long fence, made from extruded aluminum with UHMW inserts. It is pre-drilled for easy and spontaneous mounting. The fence also includes two 16-inch fence sections made from industrial grade aluminum.

Along with including an upgraded dust port, the package also offers two mounting blocks for the dust port. The outer diameter of the dust port is 2.5-inches, which can be connected directly to any compatible dust hose through a rear mount.

Another innovative inclusion is an uni-fence stop block. Moreover, you’ll get a featherboard, made from premium plastic for ease of operation.

The board can be adjusted using two triangular knobs. Plus, you’ll find twenty 0.25-inch installation bolts and knobs in the package.

The fence can function with bits up to 3.5-inches in diameter, which allows you to work with a wide range of bits in size. The kit can be used with any router table top as long as it uses a “center mount” router plate design.

On the front of the fence, it offers three integrated and small size T-tracks for the placement and mounting of featherboards.

It’s also designed with a smaller T-track on the rear part of the fence, which allows it to mount to L-shaped aluminum fences.

The kit also offers clamping privileges, as you can clamp it to your table using C-shaped clamps. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The fence is made from extruded aluminum with UHMW inserts.
  • The kit can be clamped to your table using C-shaped clamps.
  • It offers 3 integrated T-tracks for featherboards on the front of the fence.
  • It works with any router table top using a “center mount” router plate design.
  • The kit includes an uni-fence stop block.

Top 8 Router fence Comparison Chart




Weight (Pounds)

Special Feature

Kreg PRS1015

Kreg PRS1015

Anodized Aluminum


T-square style carriage

Taytools 300015

Taytools 300015

Anodized Aluminum


Adjustable stop and dust port

Woodpeckers SF-36SINGLE

Woodpeckers SF-36SINGLE



Dust collection port

Peachtree Woodworking - PW1098

Peachtree Woodworking - PW1098



L Shaped

JessEm 4010

JessEm 4010



Side-mounted fence





100% flat surface

Taytools 300016

Taytools 300016

Anodized Aluminum


24 inches long

Peachtree Woodworking - PW1073

Peachtree Woodworking - PW1073



Uni-fence stop block

How To Choose The Right Router Table Fence for Your Woodworking Workplace?

How To Choose The Right Router Table Fence

1. Compatibility

Not all routers cut wood in similar patterns and designs. Some machines cut multiple planks of wood at straight lines, whereas others might make circular designs.

If you purchase a top-notch router table fence but doesn’t work with your router, it would add no value to your woodworking project. So, compatibility is one of the vital factors to consider while purchasing a router table fence.

The principal thing you should check in your unit is its similarity with various kinds of routers. The more compatible the router table fence with your router is, the smoother your woodcuts will be.

2. Dust Collector Port

Dust Collector Port

The wood router produces a considerable amount of dust while cutting the wood or making patterns.

If you want to keep the surrounding of your woodworking project clean, then this is a must-have feature for the router table fence.

The top-notch router fences come with a dust collector port to ensure that the specks of dust are accumulated inside the collector. The ports also prevent obstruction of free movement of the router fence due to pile-up of dust.

Related: Use Woodshop Air Filtration System for Keep Clean your Workplace

3. Safety Features

Accidents and unwanted finger cuts are quite common while cutting woods. So, the safety features are among the most crucial factors that need your attention while purchasing a router table with fence.

The top-notch units feature smooth edges and finger support so that you don’t cut your fingers while cutting the woods with a router. The more the safety feature, the better will be your woodworking experience.

4. Additional Features

Additional Features

As you finalize a purchase, pay attention to the additional features that the router table fence is offering. Among the essential features that affect the cutting process is adjustability and variable throat capabilities.

Adjustability: Since the woods’ surface is not always smooth, an adjustable table fence will make the cuts much better. Some popular router table fences are miniature customizable up to 0.25-inch in size, while others have fence parts that naturally lineup corresponding to one another when installed.

Throat Capabilities: Few top-tier router fences come with have variable throat capabilities to work with larger routers effectively. The best router fence also features vertical sections with T-slots to make wood cutting effortless for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Router Table Fence?

What is a Router Table Fence

Answer: A router table fence is an incredible tool that makes edging and profiling with a router smoother, safer, and offers more flexibility.

Suppose, during your woodworking project, you have a piece of wood without a bearing.

At that point, as opposed to buying another bearing, you can essentially utilize the router fences and set it at the position where the bearing would necessarily be and cut the wood.

2. What is the Best Router Table Fence?

Answer: Simply speaking, a router fence that is compatible with your wood router will work the best for you.

Check the router fence reviews and features of your selected model in advance to make sure of that.

The router table fences that are customizable and feature variable throat capabilities have gained popularity over the last few years.

A unit that includes a dust collector port will be ideal for an effective and hassle-free woodworking experience.

3. What Is The Perfect Height For A Router Table And Fence?

Answer: The ideal height of a router table fence mainly depends on at what height you feel comfortable working. Usually, any height in the range of 5 feet to 7 feet will be ideal to have a satisfactory woodworking experience.

4. Where To Buy The Router Table Fences From?

Answer: You can find a router table fence that is value for money at your nearest hardware store. Nonetheless, suppose you don’t want to go through the hassle of shipping the item to your home.

In that case, you can even purchase a high-quality unit at a reasonable price from online shopping platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more.

Final Word

Woodworking has become more convenient, thanks to superior quality router table fences. The best router table fence can make woodworks much more precise since it offers more control over the wood router machine.

However, choosing the perfect router table fence from the huge array of products available in the market can be somewhat tricky.

We have analyzed the market and prepared detailed reviews. Check them out to make the right purchase for your wood router.


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