Best Dremel Bit for Cutting Wood

10 Best Dremel Bit for Cutting Wood in 2021

Different woodworking tasks require different types of drill bits. And it is the mark of a professional to have an array of these bits in their arsenal.

Even if you are just starting out with woodworking and have very little idea of the types of Dremel bits there are and their uses, no need to worry. The article below has reviews, a buying guide, and safety tips to help you on your drill bit journey.

Read on to find out what will be the best Dremel bit for cutting wood that suits your needs. You can also expand your collection of woodworking tools.



Editor's Rating


Dremel 561 Multipurpose Cutting Bit

5 out of 5

Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set

5 out of 5

Dremel 9901 Tungsten Carbide Carving Bit

4.5 out of 5

Dremel 650 1/8-Inch Straight Routing Bit

4 out of 5

Dremel 106 Rotary Tool Accessory Engraving Bit

4.5 out of 5

10 Best Dremel Bit for Cutting Wood Reviews

1. Dremel 561 Multipurpose Cutting Bit

First up is your seemingly run-of-the-mill Dremel 561 spiral multipurpose bit. This 32” x 2” x 0.5” bit can cut through wood, plastics, drywall, fiberglass, laminate, vinyl siding, and aluminum effortlessly.

For hardwood, the bit can cut for up to ⅜”, while for softwood, it can go up to ⅝”. It cuts at a high speed and has a ⅛” steel shank to help it do so. If you use bits to cut through different types of materials, then this multipurpose spiral cutter bit will be a great addition to your kit.

There are a few applications for this drill bit, such as making cutouts for panels & cabinets and preparing an area for fixtures. Just be sure to not use this at a speed of over 32,000 RPM, and you will be fine.

If you are new to cutting wood with Dremel, this would be a great one to go for as it is multifunctional and durable. Even if you have a good collection of bits already, a simple one like this is always necessary and useful.

Highlighted Features:

  • Essential spiral multipurpose bit needed in every woodworker’s kit
  • Can cut through a variety of materials such as wood, drywall, plastics, metal
  • Great for making panel and cabinet cutouts or prepping for fixtures
  • Can be operated at pretty high speeds, up to 32000 RPM

2. Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set For Cutting Wood

Next up is a nifty little set of 6 different Dremel router bits. You can get this for cheaper than if you were to buy each bit individually. These have straight tool flute and shank types. They are made of high-speed steel.

When working with these on wood (and other soft materials), you can use the one set for routing, inlays, mortising, and edging. If you are concerned about losing any of the bits, rest assured because the plastic packaging is reusable. It is great for storing the bits once you are done with the job.

This set of bits is mainly targeted towards hobbyist woodworkers or those who need to perform minor repairs or renovation jobs. While this set may not be ideal for professionals, it is still a handy one to have around for emergencies or smaller tasks on the job site.

As with any Dremel wood cutting bit, the ones in this set should also not be operated at over 30000 RPM. You can use these bits with the 231 Shaper/Router and the 335 Plunge Router attachments.

Highlighted Features:
  • A very useful set of essential bits for amateurs and experts
  • Plastic packaging can be reused as storage, eliminating waste
  • Perfect for using with Dremel 231 Shaper/Router and 335 Plunge Router
  • A great option for common tasks like inlays, mortise, edge, and routing

3. Dremel 9901 Tungsten Carbide Carving Bit

Stepping up a notch with the 9901 tungsten carbide bit, it is likely the best Dremel bit for cutting wood out there. It is meant to be used with more aggressive projects. Thus, it is ideal for hollowing, grooving, shaping, and slotting.

This bit can be used for inlaying in metals such as stainless steel, hardened steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals. Plus, it is also great on hardwoods, plastics, and fired ceramics.

The cylindrical shape of this bit allows it to go deep in order to remove material, while also cutting flat areas, stop cuts, round edges, and v-cuts. Its accessory tip helps you make flat bottomed grooves and slots, v-cuts, and flat side cuts when you hold it at a 45° angle.

Coming into the specs, the durable tungsten carbide bit has a working diameter of ⅛” (or 3.2 mm) and a shank of ⅛”. Also, one rotary accessory is included with the bit.

As long as you are not running it over a speed of 30000 RPM, this will work smoothly and cut through most woods, soft metals, and plastics.

Highlighted Features:
  • Can cut effortlessly through most woods, soft metals, and plastics
  • Ideal for tasks like hollowing, grooving, shaping, and slotting
  • Can cut flat areas, v-cuts, stop cuts, and even round edges
  • Super multifunctional and can handle more aggressive woodworking tasks

4. Dremel 650 1/8-Inch Straight Routing Bit

Up next is the 650 straight routing Dremel bit, which is made of the usual high speed and high-grade steel. It measures 4” x 1.9” x 0.5” in length, width, and height, respectively.

The shank and flute type of this bit are both straight, the shank size being ⅛”. Meant for use on mainly softwoods, this bit is pretty easy and comfortable to operate and maneuver. The tasks that you can complete using this Dremel bit include (but are not limited to) inlaying, plunge cutting, routing, and mortising.

Because this is meant for use on softwoods, it can also be used on materials that have a similar consistency or texture such as wax, pumpkins, some plastics, etc. This has a variety of applications if you know how to be creative with it. It will be able to cut precise and straight grooves in soft materials.

It also has a reasonable price tag for a single Dremel bit, especially if you consider how much you can get done on softwoods with this one bit.

Highlighted Features:
  • Has dimensions and a shank size universal to many tools
  • Super easy to use on soft materials such as softwoods, wax, plastics, etc.
  • Can be used for grooving, routing, inlays, plunge cuts, and mortising
  • Very reasonable price for the multifunctionality and durability

5. Dremel 106 Rotary Tool Dremel Wood Cutting Bit

For Dremel wood cutting that requires carving, engraving, shaping, cutting, grooving, etc., the 106 is perfect to use with your rotary tool. It is a versatile one that is easy to use, and it also allows you to be creative since it is meant for engraving and carving.

In terms of materials, you can use this bit with softwoods, plastics, soft metals, and many more. It helps you do a lot of detailed work with ease.

Other applications for this bit include slotting, inlays, freehand routing, hollowing, and making tapered holes. Because of these functions, it has the teal color code.

Coming to the details about numbers, the working diameter of this bit is 1.6 mm (1/16 inches), with a shank of ⅛”. It is made of high grade and speed steel, and is durable for long-term use.

The bit’s ball shape can be used for making concave cuts, as well as for hollowing out wood and other materials (at the proper speed). You can also make grooves and slots with round bottoms, and make round side cuts as well. This particular bit comes with 2 rotary accessories.

Highlighted Features:
  • Be creative with this rounded engraving and carving bit
  • Can be used on softwoods, metals, plastics, and other soft materials
  • Comes with two handy rotary accessories that extend its multifunctionality
  • Ball-shaped bit allows you to hollow out material effortlessly

6. Dremel 9906 Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Another unique single bit from Dremel is this 9906 tungsten carbide cutter, which has a shank size/diameter of 3.2 mm (⅛”) and dimensions of 4” x 2.5” x 1”.

This particular bit can be used to cut and carve tougher materials such as hardened steel, cast iron, fired ceramics, stainless steel, hardwood, plastics, nonferrous metals, and other hard materials. You can also use this to engrave on all types of wood, and even harder materials such as gardening equipment.

However, this is not meant to be used for drilling new holes or enlarging existing ones, especially holes that are any less than two times the cutter bit’s own diameter (which is 3.2 mm). This is because of the bit’s unique shape, which may latch onto the side of the hole and ruin its overall shape.

With this bit, you can use higher speeds when cutting/carving woods. But lower speeds will work best on metals, and you should use even slower speeds on plastics.

If you cut plastic with this tungsten carbide bit using high speeds, you will risk melting the plastic. But if the bit starts chattering during use, you should increase the speed until that stops.

Highlighted Features:
  • Can cut or carve virtually any material, given you use the correct speed
  • Great for cutting and engraving harder materials including hard steels
  • Made from tungsten carbide, which is way more durable than steel
  • Has a unique shape that allows it to be used for many woodworking tasks

7. Dremel 114 Rotary Tool Accessory Carving Bit

Another bit that allows your creativity to flourish is the Dremel 114 rotary tool carving bit. Made of high quality and grade steel, this bit can be used for precision cutting, etching, hollowing, slotting, grooving, inlays, carving, shaping, making tapered holes, and even freehand routing.

You can also be detailed when removing materials using this bit. Speaking of materials, the bit will work on most woods, plastics, and some soft metals. It also works great on curved surfaces, which other bits might find hard to navigate or cut precisely.

This is possible thanks to its ball shape which makes it easy to hollow out material and make concave cuts. These are impossible to do with straight bits. Not to mention the rounded side cuts and round slots you can achieve with this, making it an unusual but very useful addition to your woodworking kit.

The working diameter of this carving bit is 7.9 mm (5/16”). It has the regular 3.2 mm shank.

This one is compatible with pretty much any Dremel rotary tool, and it comes with one rotary accessory.

Highlighted Features:
  • Ball shape helps make uncommon cuts such as rounded side cuts and slots
  • Can be used on woods, plastics, and even some soft metals
  • Great for creative work like carving, etching, and engraving
  • Can be used with all Dremel rotary tools effectively

8. Dremel 199 Rotary Tool Accessory Carving Bit

Another very good carving bit from Dremel, this one has a disc shape and an accessory tip, with a working diameter of ⅜” (9.5 mm) & a shank size of ⅛” (3.2 mm). It is made of high-grade steel, with its main applications being engraving, carving, and etching.

You can be as detailed as you want when using this to remove materials in tasks like carving, shaping, hollowing, engraving, etching, cutting, slotting, grooving, routing, and more.

This is a really easy Dremel bit to use, even if the shape of it might seem advanced. If you are a hobbyist looking to expand your collection productively, this is a bit to go for.

With the disc-shaped head, you can easily make difficult channel cuts. The included rotary accessory can be used for making side cuts. Hence, this is the best Dremel tool for cutting wood for creative and versatile individuals.

Not to mention its durability thanks to the high-grade steel, it can be used by both amateurs and professionals. You can use this bit with most woods, plastics, and some soft metals.

Highlighted Features:
  • A great option for creative woodworkers as it allows versatile use
  • Can be used for a wide array of tasks from cutting to inlays to engraving
  • High-grade steel makes it last a long time without major wear or tear
  • Can be used on hard and soft woods alike, and with plastics and soft metals

9. Dremel 121 Rotary Tool Accessory Carving Bit

This penultimate one is Dremel’s 121 flame-shaped carving bit, which means its tip is conical with rounded sides that come to a point. Any softwood, metals, or plastic can be cut using this.

In terms of applications, you can use this bit to do detailed removals of material, and also do shaping, hollowing, carving, grooving, engraving, inlaying, slots, and routing without a guide. Because of its flame shape, you can also make v-bottom slots and concave side cuts in any soft material.

This also works great on curved surfaces, which can be difficult to work on with regular bits, given their unusual angle. But this rounded flame tip bit can meet a material’s curve at the right angle for you to work on it.

It is also not limited to use on woods, plastics, or metals; it can be used on other soft materials such as wax, non-fired clay, etc.

This durable high-grade steel bit has a regular ⅛” shank with a working diameter of ¼” or 6.4 mm. It comes with 1 rotary accessory and works with all rotary tools from Dremel.

Highlighted Features:
  • Flame shape allows you to work on difficult curved surfaces
  • Use it to make concave side cuts and v-bottom slots
  • Perfect for use on softwoods, plastics, wax, soft metals, linoleum, etc.
  • Can be used for a large array of woodworking tasks

10. Dremel 134 Rotary Tool Accessory Wood Cutting Bit

If you want to cut wood with Dremel bits, one of the most useful types of bits out there are carving bits. These bits help you remove material in a detailed manner for shaping, carving, hollowing, engraving, grooving, precision cutting, slotting, routing, inlaying, etching, and making tapered holes.

The only limit in terms of the 134 carving bit’s application is the sky. You can also use this tool for carving wax, pumpkins, linoleum, and spoons. This is one of the most multifunctional bits on this list for sure. It is a real necessity in any woodworker's kit, no matter what their experience level is.

In terms of numbers, the bit’s working diameter is 7.9 mm (5/16”), with a shank of ⅛” (or 3.2 mm), which is pretty typical for a Dremel bit. The material it is made of is high-speed and grade steel, which makes it durable for extensive use.

Its oval shape helps you make concave cuts and get round edges in materials (wood, plastic, some metals). This bit can be used with any Dremel rotary tool, and there is 1 rotary accessory included with it.

Highlighted Features:
  • Can be used on a variety of soft materials such as wood, wax, plastic, etc.
  • Use it to make concave cuts, tapered holes, and achieve round edges
  • Great for detailed carving and engraving work
  • Super durable and meant for long-term use in any woodworker’s kit

Top Dremel Tool for Cutting Wood Comparison Chart




Compatible Materials

Working Diameter

Dremel 561 Multipurpose Cutting Bit

Cutting and making holes

Wood, plastics, drywall, fiberglass, laminate, vinyl siding, and aluminum

⅜” for hardwood and ⅝” for softwood

Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set

Dremel 692 6-

Cutting, routing, inlays, mortising, and edging

Softwood and other soft materials

Varies between different bits from the set

Dremel 9901 Tungsten Carbide Carving Bit

Dremel 9901

Cutting, hollowing, grooving, shaping, and slotting

Stainless steel, hardened steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, hardwoods, plastics, and fired ceramics

⅛” (3.2 mm)

Dremel 650 18-Inch Straight Routing Bit

Dremel 650 1/8

Grooving, inlaying, plunge cutting, routing, and mortising

Softwoods and other soft materials

⅛” (3.2 mm)

Dremel 106 Rotary Tool Accessory Engraving Bit

Dremel 106

Carving, engraving, shaping, cutting, grooving

Softwoods, plastics, soft metals

1/16” (1.6 mm)

Dremel 9906 Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Dremel 9906

Cutting, carving, engraving, drilling holes

Hardened steel, cast iron, fired ceramics, stainless steel, hardwood, plastics, nonferrous metals

⅛” (3.2 mm)

Dremel 114 Rotary Tool Accessory Carving Bit

Dremel 114

Precision cutting, etching, hollowing, slotting, grooving, inlays, carving, shaping, making tapered holes, freehand routing

Woods, plastics, and some soft metals

5/16” (7.9 mm)

Dremel 199 Rotary Tool Accessory Carving Bit

Dremel 199

Engraving, channel cuts, slotting, grooving, carving, and etching

Wood, plastics, soft metals

⅜” (9.5 mm)

Dremel 121 Rotary Tool Accessory Carving Bit

Dremel 121

Shaping, hollowing, carving, grooving, engraving, inlaying, slots, and routing, v-bottom slots, and concave side cuts.

Wood, plastics, and other soft materials

¼” (6.4 mm)

Dremel 134 Rotary Tool Accessory Carving Bit

Dremel 134

Shaping, carving, hollowing, engraving, grooving, precision cutting, slotting, routing, inlaying, etching, making tapered holes

Wood, plastics, wax, and other soft materials

5/16” (7.9 mm)

Dremel Bit for Cutting Wood Buying Guide

Dremel Bit for Cutting Wood Buying Guide

On your mission to find the best Dremel bit for cutting wood, here are a few features and factors you should keep in mind before you purchase one.


As you can tell, each shape or length of Dremel serves a different purpose in terms of cutting or carving materials.

While some are best suited for carving, hollowing, grooving, and engraving, other bits can be used for more than a handful of purposes. There are, in fact, some bits that you can use for basically anything, from making cuts to carving/engraving.

The best part about Dremel accessories is that they are color-coded according to their specific usage. So, you do not even have to spend time reading lengthy product descriptions online.

For instance, accessories (including bits) meant to be used for engraving and carving will have a teal color code for indication.

Just look up the different color codes and what they signify online, and buying necessary Dremel bits will be a piece of cake.

Compatible Materials

This just means the materials that a particular Dremel bit will be able to cut through properly. While most bits can handle both soft and hard kinds of wood, there are ones that can only cut or carve the former properly and might be too brittle for the latter.

There are others that can work well with other materials besides wood. Usually, these are soft metals such as aluminum, plastics, fiberglass, linoleum, wax, ceramics, etc.

Now, if you only ever work with wood (hard or soft), you can just check to see that your chosen Dremel bit will be compatible with these two materials.

However, if you are a hobbyist or into experimenting with cutting and carving, it might be useful to find bits that can work with a wide array of materials besides just wood.

Bit Size

Another nifty feature of the Dremel bits mentioned in this article is most of them have the same size shank of ⅛ inches (3.2 mm). So, no matter which one you buy, you do not have to double-check the size that often.

It is always safer to do that anyway if you are shopping for something outside of this list. Some of the more common Dremel bit shank sizes include ⅛” (such as the 199 bit), 1/32”, 1/16”, and 3/32”.

What you do need to be sure of is that the bit will fit perfectly into your power tool. Otherwise, buying the bit is useless, and returning it will be a hassle.

Tips and Safety Issues That You Should Take Care of While Cutting Wood Using Dremel Bit

While using a Dremel to cut wood can seem like a simple job (which often is for experts), there are some tips to keep in mind to ensure your safety.

Wearing Safety Gear

Before you start drilling away with the Dremel bit of your choice, make sure you are wearing the right outfit. This means wearing safety goggles, a breathing mask, and fitted clothing.

When you are using a power drill, safety goggles can help you stay protected from any tiny wood shavings or dust that may be flying off of your drilling area. Similarly, even if you have a dust collector, a breathing mask is another layer of protection for your lungs.

Baggy clothes, loose hair, or jewelry can easily get caught in places and cause accidents during drilling. Tie up your hair, put away your decorative hardware, and change into clothes that fit snugly against your body when drilling.

Preparing Before Drilling

You may want to practice drilling on something similar before you move onto the real material. Try out different bits on a piece of wood, metal, or plastic, and test the speed and end results.

Before you start drilling, make sure to keep your piece secure in place using clamps or something similar. If it moves around or slips while you are in the middle of drilling, not only will it ruin your work, but also it can injure you.

A drill stand will also come in handy, because it can guide you in drilling perfectly into your workpiece.

Maintaining Correct Speed

Maintaining Correct Speed

This is important because different materials require different drilling/cutting speeds. Also, some Dremel bits have speed limits which you should not go over.

For instance, when using bits on plastic, going too fast will create friction and heat, which may cause the plastic to melt, thus ruining your whole workpiece.

It is always safer to know the maximum speed a bit can be used at, and stick to that. You can find out each individual bit’s speed range either on the instruction manual or on the manufacturer’s website. For many Dremel bits, this speed limit is between 30000 RPM to 32000 RPM.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Dremel Bit Should I Use to Cut Wood?

Answer: For cutting wood, something like the Dremel 561 bit would be ideal. This is a spiral, ⅛” multipurpose bit that can cut soft and hard wood, plus other materials such as fiberglass, plastic, laminate, drywall, and even aluminum.

2. Which Dremel Bits are Used for What?

Answer: Dremel has bits for a myriad of purposes, such as cutting, carving, grooving, inlays, mortise, etc. You can look up a bit online to see what you need it for. Or, you can consult the brand’s handy color-coding system. So, for instance, if you need a bit for engraving, look for the teal color code, and so on.

3. Are Dremel Bits Universal?

Answer: While the bits themselves are not always universal, you can make them work as such using Dremel’s universal adapter. Using it, you can operate their bits on any current oscillating tools, no matter which brand they are from.

4. What Size Bits Does A Dremel Use?

Answer: Dremel has a range of bit sizes that it is compatible with. The most common ones are the ⅛ inches, 1/32 inches, 1/16 inches, and 3/32 inches ones. The ⅛” one is the most widely used bit size from Dremel, by far.

5. What Speed Can I Operate a Dremel Bit On?

Answer: Depending on the size and material of the bit, the usual speed limit for using Dremel bits safely is 30000 RPM, with some going up to 32000 RPM. Definitely check the web or user’s manual to make sure you are not overworking your bit.

Final Words

To find the best Dremel bit for cutting wood, you need to keep a few factors in mind when shopping, such as the kind of cutting you will be doing, the types of materials you will be cutting, and the compatibility of the bit size with your tools.

Once you have all of that in check, it is relatively easy to find a Dremel bit that will work for you. Depending on how extensively you work with bits, you should also consider whether you should get the more expensive single bits or opt for a set.

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