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best tool belt for framing

Best Framing Tool Belt Reviews in 2024

Imagine you’re standing on a ladder, reaching out to fix the frames of the house you’re constructing, and you remember that you’ve left the most important tool back in the shed. After much irritation, you come down to get the tool and climb back on the ladder, only to realize you need another tool!

To save you from the hassle of going up and coming down, you can take advantage of a framing tool belt. This will keep all the devices you need for framing handy. It’s virtually an assistant to keep all the tools organized so that you can get on with your work without wasting any time.

There are a couple of types of these belts and quite a few brands available in the market made from various materials. To help choose the best framing tool belt for you, this article provides you with all the ins and outs on the topic.

Do read the full post to know the benefits of using framing bags, what you should look for before you buy one, the types available, and the top brands that experts recommend. Keep reading to know the details!



Editor's Rating


DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket

5 out of 5

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614

5 out of 5

Bucket Boss Airlift

4.5 out of 5


4 out of 5

Dead On DO-FR Framers Rig

4.5 out of 5

Benefits Of Using Tool Belt for Framing 

A framers tool belt has innumerable advantages. The following are the main ones.

Better Organization

The pouches and different compartments in a framing tool belt helps to keep the tools organized according to their function and size. This organized system of arranging the tools helps you to reach out for the right tool at the right time as you know where to find it. There’s no need to fumble around.


As the framing pouches smartly carry your tools, it gives you convenience as you can use any tool anytime without going through any hassle.  The tools are all stored where they should be and the belt makes it easy for your job.

More Focus, More Efficiency

Since you know that all tools are within grab, you can give more focus on the job at hand without losing your cool. As a result, your productivity and efficiency increase as there’s no wastage of time looking for the right tool at the crucial moment.

Seamless And Risk-Free Mobility

No framing professional would want their hands to be weighed down by their tools and hampering their movement. The profession demands a lot of moving around and hence, the framing tool belt keeps the tools off the hands and into pouches, ensuring you of seamless mobility.

Moreover, when your movements are smooth and free, you face fewer risks of accidents due to your hands not being free.

Health Friendly

As you need to work long hours with heavy tools strapped around your belt, this might have a long-term effect on your health, especially the hips and the back.

That’s why tool belts for framers protect your health and they are more effective when they have suspenders as these distribute the weight of the tools evenly without adding too much weight on any one part of the torso.

Painful backs and hips are occupational hazards that can be prevented with the use of framing tool belts. Thus, they protect you from health risks.

Top 10 Best Framing Tool Belts in 2020

1. DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer's Combo Tool Belt And Suspenders

Say goodbye to backaches and discomfort after a long day of work as this framing tool belt comes with padded suspenders.

The adjustable suspenders are yoke-style and make light work of the heavy tools as they distribute the weight evenly on the shoulders. With padding on the chest straps also, this piece is renowned among users for its comfort.

The combo apron tool belt has a total of 20 pockets, with 9 of these being the main ones for primary tools. There are sleeves for safekeeping pencils, nails, etc, and a zippered section where you can keep your valuables within easy reach.

With pockets in the suspenders as well, you can keep your pencil or phone so that you can reach them at any time. The main pockets are large, gusset-style to give you plenty of breathing space for the tools and holding capacity.

The belt is made from breathable mesh material to keep you from getting sweaty. There is 5-inch thick padding in the belt and it features a double-tongue buckle to give you the maximum comfort. If your waist size is between 29 and 46 inches, then this will be the right fit for you.

With a handle on the pouch, you can adjust the belt as per your comfort and the handle also allows you to hand carry the piece conveniently.

Another important feature is the utility knife pocket which is built-in and prevents accidental punctures in the pouch. Loops are included for hammers and other tools.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits waist size between 29 and 46 inches.
  • 9 main pockets, 11 secondary pockets, extra sections for nails, phone, etc.
  • Yoke-style suspenders design with padding for comfort.
  • Belt made from breathable mesh material with padding.
  • High capacity with large, gusset-style pockets.

2. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 Framers Tool Belt System

The devil is in the details and this product for framers and contractors is living proof of it!

A lot of thought has been put behind the design and style of this suspender type of tool belt for framers. There are 6 large pockets, 13 smaller ones, and sleeves as well to accommodate all sorts of tools you are likely to carry to your project.

For storing everything conveniently, there are sleeves for a pry bar, a clip for measuring tape, two loops for hammers, carpenter’s square, and a combination square. All are within your easy reach.

The unique Sta-Open pocket design comes with webbing and keeps the main pockets open. The tapered design of the pockets along with its open feature equates to easier access to the most-used tools.

For durability, each component of the piece has been fashioned with particular attention, using top quality materials. The suspenders are padded and fully adjustable, putting less weight around the hips and waist and distributing the overall weight more evenly.

The belt is made from heavy-duty material to last for a long time and it features a double-tongue roller buckle to keep the pouches in place while you’re moving. The handles of the pouch make it easy to carry the whole unit.

For greater durability, the rivets and hardware of the framing tool belt are made from antique brass-finish that also adds to the style and good looks of the product.

For professionals with a waist size within 29 and 46 inches, this framers rig is the perfect companion for long hours of work.

Highlighted Features:

  • 20 pockets and sleeves for convenient storage of all tools.
  • Unique Sta-Open pockets that are open for easy access.
  • Heavy-duty material, antique brass-finish rivets for durability.
  • Adjustable and padded suspenders.
  • Suitable for those with a waist size between 29 and 46 inches.

3. Bucket Boss Airlift 2 Bag Tool Belt With Suspenders

For those with a plus-size stature, this could be the right framers' rig as it accommodates a waist size of up to 52 inches.

With an infinity belt design, you don’t need to depend on the belt holes only as you can tighten or loosen it as per your fit and comfort by using the thick steel eyelets and buckle.  

The piece is made from 600D poly ripstop fabric which is both durable and lightweight, making it more comfortable for you to carry your heavy tools without adding more weight. Also, the fabric has lower chances of fraying, making it the best framing tool belt.

The single body construction of the pouches means that the big pocket has all the smaller pockets constructed around it. Moreover, the barrel-shaped bottom of the pouches is roomy to provide you with more capacity. There is a total of 12 pockets in this belt.

You can totally customize by detaching the pouches and repositioning these according to your preference. Therefore, you can add three or more pouches to carry all the tools you need.

If you check the suspenders, you’ll see they are super flexible as they are not only adjustable and padded but also can be detached from the belt. The adjustable chest straps will give you a feeling of extra security while working.

The belt also features a holder for a steel hammer as well as an extra loop or carrying tools that have long handles.

Overall, it’s easy to take on and take off and has room to easily hold basic tools and more as required.

Highlighted Features:

  • 12 pockets in barrel-shaped pouches for more space.
  • Fits waist size of up to 52 inches with easy buckle and steel eyelets.
  • Made from durable and lightweight 600 denier poly ripstop fabric.
  • Pouches can be detached and repositioned for customization.
  • Padded and detachable suspenders.

4. TOUGHBUILT TOU-CT-102-3 Pro Framer Tool Belt Set

Meet a higher level of efficiency and organization in this piece of tool belt for framers with features that enable you to adjust your load as per your project.

You can adjust and interchange the pouches seamlessly owing to the trademarked ClipTech feature that the product sports. Adjust the weight of the tools and the piece using this feature so that you don’t need to carry all the pouches and all the tools unnecessarily. Just clip on or off any belt!

The framer pouch is made from good quality materials to last for a long time and withstand tough working conditions. The 6-layer construction of the piece and the reinforced rivet system make this a tough cookie. You can use the kickstand to keep your pouch on the floor or a table near your project.

There are 3 large pockets with the capacity to hold the primary tools you need to access while you work. The no-snag hidden seam construction makes these pockets durable. Besides, there are 7 other customized loops and pockets.

With two loops to accommodate extreme-duty hammers, a measuring tape clip, and a pry bar loop, the unit offers all the spaces you can utilize at the optimum.

The belt is meant for waist size between 32 and 48 inches. The padded belt contributes to a better and more comfortable fit and will also protect your waist from the pressure of the tool weight.

The Velcro is also of good quality and ensures that no part of the belt comes off easily. Instead of taking off the entire rig, you can detach the pouches by unclipping when you have to work in tight spaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • Trademarked ClipTech feature for easy pouch detachment or attachment.
  • 6-layer construction and reinforced rivet system for durability.
  • Kickstand for placing the pouch near the floor or table of your project.
  • 10 pockets including 3 large ones for primary tools.
  • Fits waist size between 32 and 48 inches.

5. Dead On DO-FR Framers Rig

This one-size-fits-all farmers rig features space and comfort for those professionals looking for an economical solution.

With 32 pockets, there’s no dearth of space to keep all the primary and secondary tools as well as the small objects like pencils, nails, etc well organized. A rafter square pocket and 4 boxed pouches in the front for nails make the piece great for convenient storage and ease of access.

The sturdy construction of the piece owes to the ballistic nylon fabric. With an inner lining that has a moisture-wicking feature, working on hot days is not uncomfortable. Moreover, the back support also gives relief when you’re working long hours and protects your health from long-term negative effects.

The attached suspenders also provide relief to the waist and back by distributing the weight over the shoulders. The gel padding in the suspenders provides much comfort and cushions your shoulders against the weight of the tools.

Suitable for waist size between 28 and 36 inches, the belt for framing tools features multi-tools holders and a loop for a hammer. With a 3-inch width, the belt well distributes the weight of the tools.

The cross-body design of the framing bag makes it convenient to put it on plus helps to keep it in place, making sure your movements are smooth while you work. Its lightweight also contributes to comfort and convenience.

It’s recommended to use the suspenders as unless you do so, the belt tends to fold up and cause some discomfort. Another issue with the belt is that it doesn’t have a handle which makes carrying it a chore.

Highlighted Features:

  • 32 pockets including a rafter square pocket and 4 boxed pouches for space.
  • Suitable for waist size between 28 and 36 inches.
  • Durable ballistic nylon fabric with a moisture-wicking feature for comfort.
  • 3-inch wide belt and suspenders for equal weight distribution.
  • Lightweight and cross-body design for easy carrying and movement.

6. Occidental Leather 8089 M OxyLights 7 Bag Framer Set

Premium quality leather goods ooze of durability and style and this framers bag is no exception.

This piece makes a great combination of superior leather and industrial nylon that’s resistant to abrasion to create a masterpiece that will last for at least a few decades, if not a lifetime.

On top, the padded two-ply fabricated bags retain their shape and the leather holders for tools provide a sturdy and secure place for hanging these.

With 22 pockets, you can keep all your tools well-organized and within easy access as there is so much capacity. For providing a more secure space for the tools, the bag corners are lined with the proprietary OxyRed leather to create a no-spill system.

This belt fits a waist size of 37 inches as it’s a medium size but there are 5 more sizes of the same piece to fit your frame – small, large, XL, XXL, and XXXL. The steel roller buckle helps to adjust the fit and ensure comfort.

This is the best framers tool belt for you if you frequently work in tough conditions. It has an exceptional ability to remain unscathed even after rough uses. The resilient leather ensures the belt gets no scratches from sharp tools.

Plus, the comfort it gives to the user is a well-known fact as the leather belt has the right width to take the weight of the contents and distribute it without causing a sore waist.

The nylon bags make it easy to clean and keep the overall weight of the piece to a minimum. As leather is a heavy material, it has been used on the belt only to give soft comfort.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptional weight balance using leather and industrial nylon combo.
  • Two-ply design of the bags helps to retain the right shape.
  • Fits waist size 37 inches and available in 5 more sizes.
  • Leather holders for tools.
  • 22 pockets for secure storage of all types of tools.

7. FASITE PTN012 32-POCKET Electrical Maintenance Tool Pouch Bag

For professionals who need to walk long distances or work from heights, this ergonomic and lightweight belt for framing tools is the ideal companion.

Besides framers, this piece comes in handy for electricians, auto mechanics, and others who need to carry electrical tools, garden tools, hardware, car tools, and all sorts of instruments.

Made from 600 denier polyester fabric, the waist belt for framers is sturdy, lightweight, and durable. It also gives you comfort as it has an ergonomic design.

The waterproof material is of high quality to ensure the unit can withstand the wear and tear your profession demands and keeps your tools dry if you’re working in wet conditions.

The heavy-duty belt can fit a waist size of up to 48 inches. Besides the 32 pockets to give you the maximum tool holding capacity, there are 1 steel measuring tape holder, 1 steel hammer holder, and 2 hammer loops. Hence, you can reach for your most-used tools conveniently.

The belt is adjustable and its material enables the contents to be held properly and the weight to be distributed evenly so that you don’t end up with a waist or lower back problem.

The polyester material of the piece also prevents punctures and scratches from sharp objects, saving your belt from unnecessary damage. The dividers inside the pouches are a clever way of keeping utility knives, pliers, etc. in a convenient location.

The unit is sturdy and doesn’t look cheap. The two main pouches have enough capacity to save you from the trouble of climbing up and down the ladder repeatedly.

Highlighted Features:

  • 600 denier polyester fabric for a sturdy belt.
  • Two main pouches with dividers for convenient storage.
  • 32 pockets, 1 steel measuring tape holder, 1 steel hammer holder, and 2 hammer loops.
  • Waist size extendible to up to 48 inches.
  • Waterproof and lightweight for comfort.

8. GlossyEnd Construction Tool Belt

The slim and sleek design of this framing pouch makes it an instant hit among those trying to avoid bulky designs and yet want the full functionality.

This brown waist belt for framers tools has 11 pockets for placing all your stuff in an organized way without giving it a heavy look. The poly web belt is adjustable so that you have the maximum comfort and the right fit.

There are 5 main pockets for keeping your primary tools within easy reach and 6 smaller ones for keeping nail sets, pliers, gauge, pencils, and other smaller objects that need a secure spot for safekeeping.

The 600 denier polyester construction makes the framing tool belt durable and lightweight, giving you comfort by distributing the weight evenly around the waist. To add to the durability, the rivets are made from rust-proof material so that the rivets remain in good condition.

With many professions in mind, the design has been based on the daily needs of plumbers, construction workers, electricians, carpenters, contractors, framers, and others who need a good tool belt for giving their back and waist relief.

The quick-release buckle of the belt eases taking it off and putting it on without fumbling and struggling. The 2 inches width is enough for giving comfort and carrying the contents. For anyone with a waist size between 33 and 52 inches, this piece is perfect.

Suitable for both professionals and DIY-ers, this framing tool belt ticks all the basic features required in a slim design with enough capacity for the main and secondary tools.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable belt with 600D polyester construction.
  • Slim and sleek design with 11 pockets for all tool types.
  • Rust-resistant rivets for durability.
  • Quick-release buckle to adjust easily.
  • Suitable for waist size between 33 and 52 inches.

9. Bucket Boss 2 Bag Tool Belt

There’s DIY and then there’s serious DIY! This waist belt for framing tools is for those who take their DIY projects seriously.

With two large pouches that house 12 pockets, this product is feature-packed without being overwhelming. Made from 600 poly ripstop fabric, the durability of this belt is unquestionable. Moreover, it has the right width to carry the weight of the contents and distribute evenly without damaging your waist.

The unique single-body construction makes organizing tools much easier as the smaller pouches are built around the main ones, making it easy for you to reach for the right tool without fussing or time-wasting.

The infinity design of the belt makes sure you can extend it up to a 52-inch waistline with the help of the monster grommets and steel buckle. Thus, you have no reason to depend on the holes along the belt.

With the barrel-bottom design of the pouches, you get all the capacity and more for safekeeping your tools. Even with steel fittings inside them, you will notice there’s no heavy wear and tear.

To give you more flexibility in your work, the reinforced pouches are detachable and both these and the rigging system are adjustable to assume the position that suits you for optimum fit and comfort.  

The dual hammer loops are right for one hammer and one other tool with a long handle.

Users have mentioned that it has the measuring tape clip on the left side and it would have been more preferable had it been on the right side.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2 main bags with 12 pockets and dual hammer loops.
  • Infinity belt to stretch up to 52 inches.
  • Barrel-bottom pouches for extra capacity.
  • Adjustable rigging system and pouches for more flexibility.
  • 600 poly ripstop fabric for lasting long.

10. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 51452 Framer's Tool Belt

A top of the line product, this framers rig has been designed with the needs of professional framers in mind.

The holding capacity of this piece is admirable with 27 total pockets – 8 reversed pockets for the primary tools, 17 smaller pockets for secondary tools and smaller objects like plier nail sets, and sleeves for other odds and ends.

Made for a waistline size that’s between 29 and 46 inches, the belt is super comfortable as it’s padded and has a 5-inch width to hold the contents and for even weight distribution. Moreover, the belt features a double-tongue steel roller buckle for easy adjustability and secure fastening.

Talking about durability, the material used to make this piece is dual-layered 1680D ballistic nylon fabric. Added to that are top-quality leather trimming that contributes to durability. Both these materials have been used on the right parts of the piece to maintain weight and add style.

The 4-piece framers' rig is simple in design but full of functionalities. You will find leather in the fastening bit of the belt as well as around the nylon pockets for greater reinforcement.

The leather combo square and pry bar holders prove that attention to user comfort and easy access was in mind at the design stage.

It’s probably the best tool belt for framing when it comes to comfort. The handle design is unique for carrying the unit comfortably without straining any part of the body. You can make some simple adjustments on the handle when you store the piece so that there won’t be any spilling of the tools.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great capacity with 27 total pockets, 17 of which are for secondary use.
  • Fits a waistline between 29 and 46 inches.
  • 5-inch belt width with padding for comfort.
  • 1680D ballistic nylon fabric with leather trim for durability and style.
  • Belt handle design for easy adjustability and anti-spillage.

Comparison Chart of Top 10 framing tool belt





Waist Size

DEWALT DG5617 Framer's Combo Apron Tool Belt



29 – 46 inches

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 Framers Tool Belt System

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 Framers Tool Belt System



29 – 46 inches

Bucket Boss Airlift 2 Bag Tool Belt

Bucket Boss Airlift 2 Bag Tool Belt



Up to 52 inches

TOUGHBUILT TOU-CT-102-3 Pro Framer Tool Belt Set

TOUGHBUILT TOU-CT-102-3 Pro Framer Tool Belt Set

Waist belt


32 – 48 inches

Dead On DO-FR Framers Rig

Dead On DO-FR Framers Rig



28 – 36 inches

Occidental Leather 8089 M OxyLights Framer Set

Occidental Leather 8089 M OxyLights Framer Set

Waist belt


37 inches

FASITE PTN012 Electrical Maintenance Tool Pouch Bag

FASITE PTN012 Electrical Maintenance Tool Pouch Bag

Waist belt


Up to 48 inches

GlossyEnd Construction Tool Belt

GlossyEnd Construction Tool Belt

Waist belt


33 – 52 inches

Bucket Boss 2 Bag Tool Belt

Bucket Boss 2 Bag Tool Belt

Waist belt


Up to 52 inches

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 51452 Framer's Tool Belt

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 51452 Framer's Tool Belt

Waist belt


29 – 46 inches

What To Look For Before Buying Best Tool Belt for Framing

What To Look For Before Buying Framers Tool Belt

It’s not easy to choose a framers rig as there are quite a few things to look out for before you buy one. To get the best framing tool belt, you should closely consider the following factors-

Nature Of Job

The nature of your job will determine the kind of framing tool belt that will suit your needs. As long as you know the job type, you know the specific tools you need.

A universal tool belt for framing will work for general purposes. On the other hand, for professional purposes, specialized tools are needed and hence, you need a tool belt with certain features. Once you have the list of specific tools, you need to ensure that the belt you choose is capable of carrying all of them.


The material of the framing tool belt will vary and accordingly, the quality will differ. Leather is the most durable material and professional framers prefer this. It can withstand heavy-duty projects under tough conditions and come out unscathed.

Leather is also preferred for its softness, style, and looks. Nothing can compare to the natural texture of finished leather framing bags.

A lesser type of leather is the grain oil-tanned saddle type. They look stylish and sleek but will not last as long as the genuine leather framing tool belts.

Nylon and synthetic framers rigs are a popular choice as these fabrics are hardy and can bear the weight of heavy tools with grace. They can be cleaned easily and will last for a long time if properly maintained. Some belts also come in canvas.

Then some brands combine both leather and nylon to offer the advantages of both the materials in one framer's tool belt.

The buckles and loops of a framing tool belt could be made from stainless steel and durable metals. Make sure that the material has rust-free feature so that the whole unit lasts for a long time.


The design of the tool belt for framing is very important. Since you are already aware of your job nature and the tools you need, you can easily figure out how many tools you want handy and their weight. Depending on these, you should check the design to see if they have enough pouches and compartments.

Designs of these framing tool belts vary by the number of pouches. Some belts have between 10 and 20 bags while others may have 30 or more. The main pouches will have the biggest size and the secondary ones will be among these.

If your work is not heavy-duty, then you could opt for a middle-sized framing tool belt housing a maximum of 20 pockets. For DIY-ers, a small framing pouch is fine.

Check the design of the product to see if it has enough tape measure clips and hammer loops. Look for hooks as you need these to hang tools with long handles. Also, check whether it has a pocket for holding your phone and ensure your phone will fit in it.  

When you’re working, you need to keep an eye on small objects like nails. Therefore, choose a framers rig with a zipped pouch where such objects can be stored securely. This will prevent these from spilling into your bag.

Most of the products are made for right-handed users but there are some made especially for lefties. So, if you’re a left hander, make sure you’re eyeing at the right tool belt for framers.

Separate or Combination Pieces

Many brands offer only the framers rig, while you need to invest in suspenders and belts separately. Once again, it depends on your job nature whether you should buy a full suit or buy the items separately.

For example, you don’t need to buy suspenders separately if your job is not heavy-duty that demands long hours.

When buying the separate units, remember that you need to be aware of the length and width of the belt to fit the framing bag. For chest and shoulder straps that you are going to buy separately, look for one that will fit well and withstand wear and tear.

A full suit is recommended for framers who work on uneven surfaces and at a specific height. They have the bag, the suspenders, and the belt in the same package and all they need to do is some basic adjustments before they can use the belt for framing tools.

Buying the components separately could be a hassle but it could also save you from unnecessary spending. For professionals, a combination of the components in a full package is better as that will save their time and lower the chances of getting incompatible components.

Size And Fit

Too loose or too tight belts and suspenders can be hazardous for your health. Therefore, you should check the size of the framing tool belt properly before buying it. As a thumb rule, look for a product that will be enough for a 52-inch waistline.

“One size fits all” type of framing tool belts should be avoided if you are either heavy-set or too thin. These products have adjustable buckles that may not work well for you.

Suspenders and belts are supposed to be adjustable so check these thoroughly to make sure they fit your frame.


There’s a difference between the empty weight of the tool belt and the one after all the tools have been put in it. Keep this difference in mind when buying the product as the total weight when you are working will be far more than when you buy the piece.

A leather framing tool belt weighs more than nylon or canvas ones. Likewise, the suspender type of the belt weighs more than the waist type.


If you spend a lot of time on your profession as a framer, you may want to look for a tool belt that has a layer or two of extra paddings. This will give you more comfort as they will cushion your shoulders and waist against the weight of the tools.

When these extra-padded belts come with a double-tongue roller buckle, you get more security and comfort. Also, check if the material on the belt, shoulder, and chest straps can absorb moisture so that it’s less uncomfortable when you are working on hot and humid days.

For the ultimate comfort, the material of the framing tool belt should be soft and light.

Although metal buckles of a framing tool belt may be more durable, they also may dig into your belly or scratch the project surface. You should look for a buckle that can be customized to be moved to the rear or the side.

Types of Framing Tool Belts

Tool belts for framers come in basically two types – waist tool belt and suspenders.

1. Waist Tool Belt

Waist Tool Belt

A waist tool belt is the most common type and the most popular too as it matches most types of framing jobs. It has a classic appeal.

There are two types of these – single-piece and extendable pouches and belts. The former one has the pouches fixed in position while the latter allows customization and can be removed.

With a waist tool belt, the discomfort arises around the waist when you have to carry it for long hours and with many tools in the pouches.

2. Suspenders

The suspenders type allows you to carry all the tools with you comfortably as it doesn’t concentrate the total weight on your waist. Instead, it’s distributed around the shoulders of the framer.

When choosing suspenders, make sure they fit well and don’t put more weight on one shoulder as this might lead to back pain in the future. Consider your height when choosing suspenders type of framing tool belt.

As most of the weight will be on your shoulders, check the straps for adjustability and extra padding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How to Take Care of a Framing Tool Belt?

Answer: Even the best tool belts for framers will fail to live up to expectation if not maintained with care.

Read the instructions properly to see how to clean and take care for the framing tool belt.

Depending on the material the framing tool is made of, use warm water and some soap to get rid of all the dirt using a clean cloth. Afterward, keep the piece in a dry place that’s free from dust.

2. How Should I Organize the Tools in the Belt?

Answer: Depending on your job, you should know which ones are the primary tools that you use most frequently. Keep these in the main section of the framing tool belt, near your dominant hand.

Now, look at all those tools that are secondary or that you need less often. Arrange these in the helper’s hands section. For small objects like pencils and nails, screw use the sections of the belt that come with a zip.

3. Can Carpenters Also Use Framing Tool Belts?

Answer: Yes, carpenters can and should use framing tool belts as they also work with a variety of tools. Instead of putting their tools down and constantly looking for the right one, a framing tool belt will help to make their task easier and more efficient.


All types of professions use tools to make the job lighter and more efficient, thereby allowing the professionals to work diligently toward the finish line. The case is no different for professional framers. They put a lot of time and effort when they are putting up frames for buildings and other structures.

Framing requires the use of a lot of tools and some of them are very heavy. Therefore, it’s not feasible to climb up and down for the right tool and disrupt the flow of the work.

This is why having the best framing tool belt is the only way framers can complete a job without wasting time.

The job type, material, the number of pouches, the style and design, and other important considerations should be factored to buy a framers rig that would be right for you. Hopefully with the help of this guide, you’ll be able to get a long-lasting and tough framing tool belt!


4 thoughts on “Best Framing Tool Belt Reviews in 2024”

  1. I really wasn’t sure about the Occidental pouch’s but once I got them and put them onto my harness, the pouch’s are super deep which helps with tools, nails, or whatever else you can think to keep in it never falls out, I wouldn’t change them for anything and they feel great and no to heavy, awesome hand made pouch.

  2. I have used Dewalt tool belt for just a little while now and I have not had any issues with the belt/suspenders combo. I used an outside nail pouch for my tape which takes away from the variety of fasteners I can carry at one time. The cell phone holder is a great idea. It is very comfortable and the extra support is great.

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