What Are Some Good Woodworking Projects for Beginners?

Woodworking projects are fun and enjoyable to work with, and not only that, it is also considered very satisfactory. Why wouldn't it be? You will get the chance to execute your creativity and play with your imagination. Surprisingly, some people prefer to call it therapeutic.

Along with mental satisfaction, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money that you might have spent while buying wooden furniture.

If you are planning to shift your home or upgrade the already existed one, this kind of project will be your life savior. You can even gift it to your beloved one or take it as a profession and use it as an income source.

All of these striking qualities show that you will undoubtedly be benefited and it will never let you down. So, make sure that you check out some of the good woodworking projects for beginners from the following article. Read on to find out more.

Bathtub Tray

Many people love to add some variation while they are in their bathtub. As a result, a bathtub tray can be the right fit in this case. You can put your book, drinks, and other stuff onto it and have a relaxing time while you are cleaning yourself.


This wooden tray is a straightforward project. Just take some information from the website and other professionals before you dive into this project.

Plant Hanger


Plant hangers look beautiful in your garden area or living room. It is a great way to add natural beauty to your home, and along with that, you will be able to display your skills. If you can finish it successfully, you will get lots of compliments from your loved ones when they get to look at it.

Cell Phone Stander

You might have seen different cell phones being displayed in a showroom, and they are always standing on something. You can make this kind of stander with the help of wood.


This will look stylish if you put it in a unique location of your room.

Photo Holder


Wooden photo holders are exquisite in displaying your photo. You can use your creativity to add some unique designs onto it. These holders are generally small, but you can make it in any size of your desire. Make sure you make all the sides and edges as precise as possible so that it looks symmetrical from any distance.

Wine Rack

The racks will look classy in your kitchen, especially. You can even gift it to your family or friends on a special occasion. They will surely appreciate the hard work that you have done with this woodworking project.

Candle holder

Candleholders will look perfect at the dinner table or even in your kitchen if you can make it accurately. You need to have an excellent power tool and a fresh wood to get this thing into your desired shape.

Type ‘best wood lathe for the money' on Google, and you will find the perfect one to shape the wood in any way you like for your candle holder.


These are very simple and easy to make and looks very attractive if it is placed in the outside area. You can even put it in your garden if you are interested and enjoy the beauty of nature. The wooden chairs are very strong, so you don't need to get paranoid by it. Simply test it first and then sit with ease.

Food Serving Tray

The delicious food will look good if it is served onto a beautifully designed serving tray made from wood. This will also act as support if you have to carry different foods at the same time.

This can be made in a moderate or a classy design according to your imagination and budget.

Cutting Board


Cutting boards are of various types, and it mainly depends on your choice. So, decide what kind of cuts and design you will give it in the first place and then start your project. Use a woodworking workbench to make your work more relaxed and comfortable.

Pet Bed

If you are a pet lover and have one or two, you will find it essential to make a bed that will keep them warm and comfortable in any season. Just make a decent-sized wooden pet bed and add some soft pillows to keep them relaxed and happy at any time.

Pallet Shelf

These are very easy to make, and you won't have to spend that much time to get it done. Just take a pallet and circular saw, and you are good to go.

If you can paint or varnish it, these will look very appealing to your eyes and others. You might get some orders from your guests or others due to that.

Laptop Desk

In this generation, people are not that much fascinated with desktop computers that they used to do in the past. Nowadays, laptops are the top pick for any people due to their portability and other striking qualities.

If you prefer to use this in your bed or sofa, you can make a wooden laptop desk to have a relaxing experience. You will be able to save a decent amount of money if you can make your one rather than going for a readymade.

Photo Frame

Make a good looking photo frame with your woodworking skills and some unique creations. Put your beloved photo in it and create a memory lane if possible. If you can make a perfect frame, it will surely look expensive.

Sofa Sleeve

The demands of sofa sleeves are huge for people who live in a small apartment. You won't need additional furniture like table ends. Simply add this beautiful sleeve on one corner of your sofa, and you are all set. 

You can put your coffee or some other foods onto it while watching movies. The overall experience will be a relaxing one if you can make the perfect shaped one.

Pen or Pencil Holder


You will also need a power tool to get this thing done into a beautiful shape. Take your drill and make even holes in the wood. You will be able to put your pen and pencil into it. Put it on the shelves or your working desk, and you are completed with this DIY task.


Keys are the most vulnerable thing because it has the chance of getting lost due to their small shape. Whether you are keeping it in your pocket or putting it in a drawer, the chances of losing it are huge.


So, the perfect way to overcome this problem is to make a wooden key holder and fit it on your wall in any room of your preference. In this way, you can keep track of these tiny metals and use them at any time of your need.

Wooden Signs

Making wooden signs is quite challenging and takes a bit of patience to turn your imagination into reality. You can add letters or numbers and create a name out of it.


You can even include some motivational quotes to start your day with a positive mindset. What a good way to recharge yourself when you are feeling down. Right? So, give it a try and see the change in your mood and attitude.

Wall Decor

There are thousands of simple designs that you can make from the wood and put it onto your wall. Designs like words, arrows, and many more are the top pick nowadays. This brings elegance to a room, and you can give it a try.


Just keep one thing mind, and that is to check the condition of the wood before you start working. You can do this with the help of a moisture meter.


As a beginner, you should go through the whole article more than once and pick some of the projects to increase your expertise and confidence.

Have a good time working with the woods.

Best of luck.

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