Where Can I Rent a Chainsaw in the US

Where Can I Rent a Chainsaw in the US?

Chainsaws are handy tools to help cut through woods that you can invest in. However, is it a good idea to buy one, or is renting a better option? Even if you did decide to rent one, where should you look into? All of these questions have been answered below to help you get the best chainsaw experience.

Do I Buy or Rent One?

For a large bunch of people, renting is the better option. That is because this requires little to no effort spent behind the maintenance and repairing of the saw.

You rent the tool when you require it, use it according to your needs, and then return it back. Also, you do not have to buy additional materials such as chainsaw gloves, chain sharpeners, etc.


If you purchase an electric chainsaw, the price can vary from $80 to up to $500, which a lot of people do not wish to spend. And if you are someone who rarely needs a saw, then it makes no sense to make such a big investment.

Rentals, on the other hand, could cost as less as $25. This is terrific for you if you need a chainsaw for less than three to five times a year.

When it comes to taking care, it is better to cause damage to your own chainsaw than a rental one as paying damage fee for rental saws can cost a hefty amount, which means that you will have to be extra cautious with them at all times.

On rare occasions, previous owners might have left the machine in a bad state, which means that the smallest bit of pressure from your end could cause damage to the saw. And of course, in the end, you will end up having to pay for the repairs.

A plus point of buying is that, once you use the tool a few times, you will get the hang of it. There is room for trial and error since this is your property. Also, you slowly begin to figure out how to get the maximum efficiency out of this tool. Even if your chainsaw snaps or gets destroyed, you will not have to answer to anyone.

Where Can I Rent a Saw in the US?

Most places in the US have local rental services that should be able to give you a chainsaw. Such places rent out a variety of tools and working equipment, all of which are insured. And since this is a business, these places are bound to maintain a specific professional and equipment standard.


For the reasons above, these rental products could cost a little more than expected. If you reside in a small town or village, a rental service might not be available. In that case, you might have to go with a less professional way, which is borrowing a saw from a friend or neighbors.

Another option is searching online, as there are several decent online rental platforms too! These sites maintain a pretty high set of standards and safety regulations, which ensures good products.

The last option to try out is your regular local hardware stores. While most of them might offer purchase of the saws, you could try renting one out by speaking with them and guaranteeing the safety of the tools.


Chainsaws are available all over the US in various types of outlets. Renting is the better choice if you know you can take care of the tool and are looking for a cheap option. Besides, you can buy the saw if you know you will require it for several tasks in the upcoming years.

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