List of Woodworking Tools

List of Woodworking Tools and Their Usage for Dummies

This is a very helpful article for people to know many things about woodworking tools.

In case you do not know the concept of woodworking and are new to this field, or maybe you are in a situation where you think you should know about woodworking, then do not worry, this article will help you know about all the woodworking tools and their uses respectively.

If you are a beginner, this will not create any confusion for you and will help you to solve your problem.

The Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer

The Claw Hammer is one of the basic woodworking tools. The claw on one side of the head should be counterbalanced by the finished head, which has to be rounded.

It is used for pounding nails into and extracting nails from some other object. The side has a round base type steel used for pounding nails and other for extracting.

The Measurement Tape

Measurement Tape

The Measurement Tape is used to mark the size of the wood, suppose we are making a bed, and we have to measure the piece of wood for it.

We will use a measuring tape, which is pulled from the tape's plastic body. We pull how long we need and then roll it up back in its body.

The Utility Knife

Utility Knife

There are different types of utility knives, but the most common ones are those that use disposable blades.

For safety, the blade retracts into the grip. People mainly use the utility knife for cleaning out mortise joints or to scribe woods, but they can be used for many other things.

The Chisel


Chisels are not just for the wood carvers. Any woodworker will need the chisels to clean out joints and saw cuts.

Using your chisels involves both your hands allowing for power and control of the chisel as it pares away the woods.

In case you need a bit oomph behind the chisel, strike it with the off hand heel, or bump it with a mallet.

The Screwdriver


Screwdrivers are one of the commonly used tools in our day to day lives. They are used to tighten and put the screws in any object.

When there is a screw, there should be a screwdriver too. There are many types of screwdrivers, Phillips and slot, flathead, star drivers, and torx driver as well. They are just like screwdrivers.

The Nail Set

Nail Set

If you need to perform woodwork, a nail set is mandatory. You should have nails of different sizes because nails are compulsory and very important for the woodwork.

Wooden pieces are attached to each other with the help of nails. We hammer a nail on the surface of the wood, so it gets connected.

The Sliding Bevel

Sliding Bevel

If you are going to measure a bunch of angles, a sliding bevel, or T-Bevel will be a handy tool. This is an adjustable tool, and you can lock it at the angle you want to mark.

It makes the task easier and much time to save instead of marking multiple angles.

Jack Hand plane

Jack Hand plane

Jack plane is used to perform many specialized functions:

  • Rough stock removal
  • Joint board edges
  • Smoothing the boards

6-inch Combination Square

6-inch Combination Square

A perfect and accurate 6-inch combination square is used for so many tasks in the workshop, including checking the squareness of board, scribing dovetail joints, measuring the depth of mortises, and more.

Do not follow the temptation to buy a cheap combination square because you will eventually have to replace it because of its inaccuracy.


Dividers tool

Dividers are used for taking and repeating the measurement repeatedly on a workpiece.

Many woodworkers take a measurement with a measuring tape when doing the excellent joinery work, but instead take a measure with dividers then transfer the arbitrary measurement to another workpiece.

Dividers are also used for scribing arc and much more.

Marking Gauge

Marking Gauge

Marking Gauge is used for transferring the measurement and repeating repeatedly. A locking mechanism keeps the gauge from slipping and losing that measurement. You cannot build furniture without at least one proper marking gauge.

Sharpening Supplies

Sharpening Supplies

Having a very sharp tool is one of the essential aspects of traditional woodworking. Many beginners think that they stink at woodworking, but usually, they are just using hand tools.

To start with, we recommend you buying sharpening supplies for sharpening and honing your chisels, hand plane irons and handsaws.

Wooden Joiner’s Mallet

An excellent wooden mallet is vital for traditional woodworking. I prefer the English-style Joiner's mallet. The lighter carver's mallets will not be a heavy-duty enough for more tasks, especially chopping on a mortise chisel.

Rabbet Plane

Rabbet Plane

Rabbet plane has so many uses, such as trimming tenons and other joinery, cutting rabbets, removing waste for hand cut molding, etc.

Its large size is suitable because it cuts the most sizes. The medium rabbet plane does not cut the larger size joints.

Woodworking Clamps

Woodworking Clamps

Woodworking clamps hold your wet glued joints together until the glue gets dry. For beginners, we recommend you to buy at least one quality hand screw clamp and a few bar type clamps.

Carpenter’s Pencil

Carpenter's Pencil is a big requirement when you build something with wood.

We have to mark at many points like where we have to cut, how big piece is required so we can cut it. We make a rough line on the wood, so the cutting doesn't get wrong.

Drill Machine


Whenever we have to make a hole in our furniture or any woodwork, that hole is made by nothing but drill machine.

It is a machine, which works with electricity and can make holes as per your requirement. It can make long and deep holes as well; it is as per the set of needles it has.


To include, we have told you about some basic tools of woodworking and their respective uses for beginners.

These tools are the basic requirement a person should have before doing the woodwork. We hope, this article will prove beneficial for you.

The above-mentioned tools are helpful and are mandatory to have when we do any woodwork because without these tools we cannot turn the wood in woodwork, it will remain just wood.

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