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How to Paint a Mirror Frame: 2 Simple DIY Techniques

Mirror, mirror on the wall, why would you not look right at all?

Oh, my queen, it seems to me, my plain-old frame is out-of-sync!

A mirror is a necessary part of your home décor that can enliven a room just by making an appearance in a corner.

But does every mirror have that power?

Turns out, mirror FRAMES are the unsung heroes that make the whole look of your room come together in a snap!

However, it's not that easy to throw a frame away just to change its look, is it?

Perhaps, it’s a family heirloom you want to keep. Or, a dear friend has gifted you that frame and you really don't want to be part with that for sentimental value.

Whatever the reason may be, the best way to change the look of your old frame is to paint over it!

How to paint a mirror frame that looks professionally done without spotting the mirror even a bit?

Let’s jump right into it!

Materials Needed For Painting Mirror Frame

1. Sandpaper


If your repainting a surface, then the old layer must be removed first.

To do that, you will need fine or 220-grit sandpaper. Once you smooth down all the bumps in your paint with sandpaper, the new layer will adhere more easily and look better once finished.

2. Blue Painter’s Tape And Newspaper

While in the process of painting the frame, you can’t forget about the mirror either!

To help protect a large mirror, we suggest using blue painter’s tape and newspaper to cover the whole surface and tape it securely in place.

3. Rags

It’s an obvious one, to be honest!

You will be working with paint.

So, we are guessing there will be lots of spills and drops! And to clean that up, it comes in handy to have some clean rags nearby.

4. Small-Bristled Brush

Depending on what type of method you go for, you will need a brush to color your frame.

While there are a lot of varieties available on the market, we suggest going for small-bristled ones. In case you choose to work with an ornate piece, it will help get your paint around every nook and corner!

5. Protective Gear

You will be working with chemical components that might harm you if it gets inside your eyes or skin.

For this reason, we hope you take necessary precautions and use protective gloves, goggles and work carefully all the time.

6. Screwdriver

It’s easier to work with a mirror-less frame.

so, if your mirror can be removed and you choose to work in that way, you will be needing a screwdriver to loosen up all the nuts and bolts.


Would you like to use chalk paint or spray ones?

Or are you more inclined to for the antique look?

Depending on your preference, you may need several other ingredients such as wax, white/coco chalk paint, flat finish top coat, spray paint etc.

Prepping The Mirror Frame For Painting

Before starting to paint, you will need to prepare the surface well.

Follow these steps to get your prep done!

1. Clean The Surface

Clean The frame
  • Take a clean rag and remove any dust that’s on the surface of the frame.
  • Too dusty? After using a dry-dusting, use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface.
  • Let the surface air-dry before moving on to the next step.

2. Remove The Frame If Possible

  • Is the frame removable? If you see any noticeable screws around the mirror, then it probably is! Use a screwdriver to remove the stand.
  • If there’s no obvious way of removing the structure, take it to a glass-professional and ask if he can do the task for you. However, you can paint the surface without removing the frame as well if you want.

3. Protect The Mirror

  • To save your mirror from getting tarnished, cover it with a newspaper and use a painter’s tape to attach it just below the edge of the mirror.
  • In the case of small mirrors, you might have difficulty managing both the tape and the newspaper. In that case, use petroleum jelly to cover the mirror.

4. Sand The Old Paint

  • Use sandpaper to smooth down the surface of the stand. Make sure to cover the whole area.
  • In case the old layer starts to get chipped, please continue as you will be repainting the surface anyway.

Painting Techniques For Different Mirror Frames

Got the stand all prepped and ready?

Now, it’s time for you to choose which look you prefer to go for!

Technique 1: For General Frames:

Typically, there are 2 different paints people use to color a mirror frame: Chalk Paint and Spray Paint.

1. How To Paint A Mirror Frame With Chalk Paint

  • Use standard chalk paint to coat the stand. You will need a small brush to apply paint on the surface.
  • Apply 2 thin layers of paint using the brush in a back and forth motion.
  • Make sure to overlap the brush strokes to avoid making the joint lines visible.
  • Wait for 4 hours.
  • Then apply another fresh coat of chalk paint to make it more permanent. You may have to repeat this process 2-3 times depending on how smooth you want it to look like.

2. How To Spray Paint A Mirror Frame

  • Give your spray bottle a good shake.
  • Hold the bottle approximately 30 centimeters off the surface and start pushing on the spray button.
  • Make sure to move your hand in a back and forth motion to cover every space.
  • Wait for 1 hour and apply a second coat of color to improve the texture permanently.

Technique 2: For Plastic Frame:

Plastic frames are a bit tricky. Colors don’t want to stick to this material very well. You need to prime the plastic well before painting over it.

How To Paint A Plastic Mirror Frame

  • Use a primer designed for plastic materials to prepare the surface.
  • Purchase a good-quality acrylic paint and choose a dark shade for the best result.
  • Or you can mix several colors and create a customized unique color!
  • Paint the surface with the desired color.
  • Use a thin, translucent color to glaze on top of the base coat.
  • Wipe off the excess glaze and wait for the finished result to come out!

C. For Antique Look:

Would you like to have a rustic vibe in your room? Perhaps a weathered-looking mirror frame might catch your attention then!

1. Way To Paint A Mirror Frame Antique Gold

  • To get a fancy decoration, you can gold leaf a mirror frame. First, prepare the surface with a color primer called “Bole” and let it dry.
  • Apply a gold-leaf adhesive on the surface.
  • When the adhesive is half-dried and turns into a clear color, put a gold leaf on the surface and let it stick.
  • Press down on the leaf with a brush and remove any air bubbles it may create.
  • Cover the entire stand while overlapping the gold leaves on top of each other.
  • Seal the whole thing with an antique glaze on top and your antique mirror frame is ready to rock!

2. Process To Paint A Mirror Frame Antique White

  • Prepare the surface with a good primer.
  • Apply white paint spray/chalk paint to cover the surface. For the first layer, don’t worry about covering the whole surface at one go.
  • The second layer should be able to cover all the free spaces. However, make sure not to overdo it to the point it causes big drips.
  • Let the frame dry for a bit.
  • Once it’s fully dried, apply a coat of wax onto it.
  • To add the antique look, take a piece of sandpaper and start rubbing it along the edges.
  • Try to make the designed lines and curves look a bit weathered with this technique.

3. Painting A Mirror Frame Antique Silver Color

  • Purchase a metallic silver paint and spray the stand with it.
  • Keep the bottle at least 1-foot away from the surface while spraying.
  • Start off with a thin layer so that the color doesn’t look too much overdone.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the color to dry naturally.
  • Apply the second or third layer depending on how you want the frame to look like.
  • Keep the stand in a cool, dust-free area to dry afterward and wait for 24 hours before touching it again.
  • You can also apply a faux shiny coat to make it look more attractive!

Steps For Finishing Up

Steps For Finishing Up

You are almost done! Good job coming this far!

Now it’s time to wrap things up.

1. Wipe The Mirror

  • Wipe the mirror clean. If you’ve applied the petroleum jelly before, use a paper towel to wipe it clean.
  • Apply a glass cleaning solution to make it remove any residue.
  • If there’s any accidental paint drips on the mirror, wipe it clean with the paper towel.
  • You can also use a flat razor blade to scrape the paint off.

2. Remove The Protective Layer

3. Put The Mirror In Place

  • If you’ve removed the mirror from the frame, it’s time you put it back. Start by lying the stand down on a flat surface.
  • Install the mirror with the help of bolts and a screwdriver.
  • Put it in your desired place and enjoy the final look!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Paint do I Need Use to For a Mirror Frame?

Answer: It depends on your preference, actually. If you ask us, we would recommend spray paint as it's much easier to use even on a small surface. Also, spray paint gives you a smoother finish than acrylic colors do on wooden/plastic surfaces.

2. How do You Give the Mirror Frame a Soft Look?

Answer: That’s an interesting concept! If you are going for a soft, soothing look, we suggest applying a pearl glaze after you are done painting the surface. This will also ensure your stand has a shiny look!

3. How do You Prime a Mirror for Painting?

Answer: It's best to apply a color primer in thin strokes and make sure it covers the whole surface evenly. After applying one coat of primer, allow some time in between to dry it out and then apply the second coat afterward.

For dark-colored frames, we suggest grey primer and for light-colored ones, use a white primer for the best result.

4. I Want to Have a Textured Look. What Should I do?

Answer: You need a salt wash for this. Take a can of paint and add the salt mixture into it. Mix it well and use the color as described in the article. You will have a beautifully textured stand in the end!

5. What is Dry-Brushing Technique?

Answer: Dry brushing technique gives you a rustic look to your stand. To do this, first, you need a surface on which you can wipe off your brush. Dip your brush into the color can and remove most of the paint onto that surface. Apply the rest of the color to the stand and it will come out as an antique piece in the end.


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We tried to present all the different techniques in the easiest way possible so that you can make a beautiful frame to bring into your home.

Now that you know how to paint a mirror frame, hopefully, there will be no chic, shabby-looking stands in your house anymore!

Spread the love, make everything beautiful around you and soon enough, the world will pay you back with loads of happiness in return!

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