18th Century Furniture

Ronald Phillips Ltd is one of the world finest antiques dealers specializing in 18th century antique furniture, mirrors and object d’art. At our Bruton Street showroom in London, our extensive stock of 18th century antique furniture is available for sale and contains many pieces of antique furniture by the great makers and designers of the Georgian period. The 18th century is considered the pinnacle of English furniture manufacture and design aided by the rise of the great English country house, the rise of the merchant class and the proliferation of London furniture trade publications. We have an expansive range of antique items including furniture, mirrors, glassware, lighting, object d’art, clocks and barometers by some of the finest makers of the 18th century including Thomas Chippendale, Mayhew and Ince, Thomas Sheraton, George Hepplewhite and Thomas Tompion to name a few. Each piece of antique furniture is selected for its originality, quality, colour and condition.