Enclosing A Metal Carport With Wood

Enclosing a Metal Carport with Wood: A Guide For Newbie

Carports are inexpensive to build. And this is probably the cheapest solution to protect your car from direct sunlight.

But is it enough to combat extreme weather conditions such as, snow, strong wind or flying debris?

The answer is NO.

A garage, on the other hand, delivers EVERYTHING that’s mentioned above and more! It provides security for your vehicles as well as makes storage space to organize your yard tools, sports equipment and other objects.

Feel like a garage could serve you better and want to go for that instead?

Before you say YES, we ask you to think again.

Garages don’t come cheap. And once you calculate the cost of demolishing a carport and building a new garage from scratch, it’s nerve-wracking, to say the least!

Read this article to find out how enclosing a metal carport with wood saves about 20% of a garage cost and is a more practical thing to do in this scenario.

Why You Might Consider Enclosing Your Carport?

Good Appearance

An enclosed carport looks much nicer than an open one. The closed structure provides a harmonious appearance with your house architecture and adds value to your property.

Increased Security

Carports and garages both come with the same facility: a shelter for your vehicle. However, a garage/enclosed carport offers better protection and more security to your properties. The closed wall structure offers shelter from strong wind, storm and blowing snow pretty well.

Additional Space

If done properly, an enclosed carport makes for a great additional space to your home. You can use that space as a kid's playroom or as a bonus room for storing cycle, yard tools and other household goods.


Constructing a new garage will cost you a fortune. You might need to spend as much as 16 thousand dollars just for the labor costs. Considering the material, window, frames and electric service expenditure, it’s a far more realistic choice to go for an enclosed carport idea.

What You Will Need to Enclose Your Carport?

What You Will Need to Enclose Your Carport

Getting ready to start the project?

Let’s get you introduced to the tools and materials needed for this purpose right away!

1. Tools

Scrub Brush

To prepare the area well, you will need a scrub brush for this purpose.

Unlike brooms, scrubbing brush comes with hard bristles to sweep the dirt off from the floor. You can either soak it in water for wet cleaning or keep it dry for wiping the floor dry purposes.

Measurement Tape

You will need a measuring tape for measuring the carport and make a box of that size boards and rebars.

A measurement tape may consist of cloth, plastic, fiberglass or metal strip. Before purchasing the tape, make sure it has easy-to-read markings that allow you to easily identify the accurate measurement while working on the project.


For building the wooden frame you will be needing nails in this project. Nails can be made from different materials including steel, brass, copper, aluminum etc.

The length of your nail should be 21/2 times the thickness of the wood you are nailing through. For instance, if you are working with 1-inch thick material, an 8-penny nail should be the right size for your project.


For making a series of wooden frames, you will be needing a screwdriver. To help you get the best possible deal, it's a good idea to purchase a screwdriver set that consists of different types of models and designs for turning and pushing.

Circular Saw

You will need to cut out the wooden frames for building windows in the enclosed carport. A circular saw works best in this scenario as it helps make quick, straight cuts across wooden boards quite easily.


Prevention is better than cure!

With this saying in mind, we urge you to take the necessary precautions before starting with this project. 

To prevent injuries in your hand, it’s a good idea to use protective gloves that comply with the comply with the hazard prevention hierarchy. There are different types of hand gloves including cut-resistant, thermal, electrical, mechanical etc. available on the market that is used for different purposes.

Safety Glass

Just like the protective gloves, safety glasses help you avoid an unwanted incident that may occur while working on any project.

Before purchasing a safety glass, learn about the lens materials, optical clarity and comfort level to make sure the eye gear is suitable for your work purpose.

2. Materials

Wooden Boards

Wooden Boards

As you will be needing some frames for the wall, you need to acquire some wooden boards for this project. You may purchase different types of 2x4 boards (Maple/Black Walnut/Hickory) that are available both online and at local stores.


If your carport doesn’t have any solid base, you need to make a concrete floor for that project. Use strong dry-base cement that holds its shape well while drying. Give the cement at least 24 hours to dry properly before moving onto your next step of the project.


Rebar is the short form of Reinforcing Bar. You will be needing some rebars to make a strong frame for your structure. There are different types of rebars available on the market that includes tempered steel rebar, basalt rebar, epoxy coated rebar, stainless-steel rebar etc.


To cover the exterior wall of the carport, you need marine-grade plywood as a finishing touch.

The plywood should ideally be ¾-inch thick and have no open hole or defect. You can also use individual plywood boards that come in a 2x4-feet size for this purpose.


Before adding the electrical fixture, you should prime the interior of the enclosed carport.

Primer is recommended for all sorts of painting jobs. When you apply primer to a new surface, paint doesn’t get soaked into it. Therefore, you don’t need to provide an extra coat for this reason.


After using the primer, you need to paint the inside of the carport. There are a variety of paints available on the market from which you can choose. Go for paints that are suitable for the wooden surface.


Adding drywall is one of the most fundamental parts of an enclosed carport. The thickness of the drywall may range from 1/4 inch to 5/8 inch. While standard drywalls are a suitable option, you can always go for better walls like mold-resistant, moisture-resistant, fire-resistant drywalls etc.   

How to Enclose Metal Carport With Wood?

Step 1: Evaluate the Current Structure

  • Take a look at the current state of your carport and see if it needs any sort of repair.
  • Make sure there's no broken tiles or a damaged roof that's holding the roof.
  • If everything else seems OK, the carport is ready to start conversing from the next step!

Step 2: Prepare The Area

  • Take a scrub brush and start cleaning the carport floor properly.
  • Does your carport have a solid base? If not, you need to build a carport-sized frame with boards and rebars inside it.
  • Make a concrete base by pouring the concrete mixture into a box and let it dry naturally.
  • It’s a good idea to seal the concrete with epoxy resin in this case.

Step 3: Cut Frames for the Wall

  • To make the frames, first, you need to determine the size of your carport. For this purpose, you may use the standard 2x4 boards available on the market.
  • Put the 2x4 plank on the ground and then connect the verticals onto it. attach another one of these boards on top of it.
  • Make a similar structure for the long walls of your site.
  • Cut frames off for building your chair, table etc. at this step if you want.
  • Test how the new structure holds up against the water.
  • For rainy days, you need to make a probable solution for draining water to another location.

Step 4: Install The Frames

  • Connect the wooden frame with a concrete base with bolts. Use a screwdriver and long nails to attach the walls to the roof.

Step 5: Cover The Walls

  • Install an exterior wall on the carport as a final step. Depending on your preference, you may choose different types of sidings. Typically, marine-grade plywood is a suitable choice in this scenario.
  • Attach the required doors and windows into the openings.

Step 6: Install The Electrical Wire And Insulation

  • Hire an electrician to install electrical wires properly.
  • It’s a good idea to add insulation at this stage as this action may reduce your cooling cost by as much as 25%.

Step 7: Choose Your Preference And Add Finishing Touches

  • Install drywall inside the carport.
  • Choose any sort of flooring(tiles/carpet/wood) you may prefer.
  • Prime the surface of the carport.
  • Select a matching color and paint across the room.
  • Add the required furniture and light fixtures.

Tips for Avoiding Mistakes While Enclosing Carport

Tips for Avoiding Mistakes While Enclosing Carport

1. Do Not Use Interior Plywood On The Outside

The plank that’s used on the outside needs to be heavy-duty so that it can withstand rainwater, snow, storm etc. For this reason, we recommend using marine-grade plywood for this project.

Some people may try their luck by replacing it with interior grade plywood. However, as soon as it rains, the plywood warps and bends beyond repair.

2. Lack Of Solid Foundation

If there’s no solid concrete foundation for your carport, then the walls may get damaged after a while.

For this reason, you should focus on building a really strong concrete base that can withstand heavy pressure. And if there’s a pre-installed concrete base inside your carport, then check to see if it’s durable enough to hold up your newly-built wooden frame properly.

3. Adding Electrical Outlet Before Installing Drywall

You need to add an electric outlet to your enclosed carport, right?

We urge you to install it after attaching the drywall to it!

If the electrical components are installed before adding the drywall, then, chances are, the wires are going to get blended with the drywall smoothly. In addition, the whole thing is going to give your carport a more professional appearance it deserves after all!

Wrapping It Up

Want to add some value to your home sweet home?

Enclosing a metal carport with wood is probably the easiest way to do that, we reckon!

Once you wall it up, the main difference that will catch your eyes the first time in the enclosed space that provides better protection and a great level of security.

Hopefully, our article has all the info you are looking for and helped you transform your carport into your dream garage within a reasonable budget!


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