9 DIY Router Table Plans

9 DIY Router Table Plans: How To Build A Homemade One?

A router table is a stationary woodworking machine in which a vertically faced cutter or router bit protrudes from a hole in the machine table and rotates at high speed.

This router is fixed upside down to the underside of the table top and or may be handheld as well. The job is fed along the table to be shaped.

It is used for woodworking operations like cutting shaping, angles and molding is essential for carpenters and woodworkers.

Building your router table is economical and fun! It can be made to your desires and work needs and will give you some professional experience in the field.

Easy 9 Steps Router Table DIY Plans

We have the top 9 comfortable router designs for you here and how you can build a fundamental one for yourself on a budget!

Or you can also check the top tables for getting more ideas.

A 3-in-1 Router Table

This is one of the most popular in the DIY community as it can hold a jigsaw and a circular saw.

This table needs more experience than the other below in the list but it's a multi Tasker, and you'll have loads of fun making it!

Router Table and Organizer

The router table for the clean and organized! It has many drawers and a sliding area to keep your tools to cause fewer hazards and mess.

It is comparatively longer to build than the others, but it's an excellent option for tool storage.

The Easy-Fold Away Router Table

The foldaway table is a uniquely designed table for those who are short on workspace.

It can be folded away in just a few seconds to give you that extra space for other operations.

You can attach it to the side or underside of a table and pulled out whenever needed. It is as sturdy as any of those in this list but needs a little more work.

Stow-And-Go Router Table

Need a table that is as light as well as sturdy? This is the one for you then!

It can be moved around quickly as a standard table in your workshop with a professional design that's not for amateurs! It's also just under 100-150 dollars to build.

Cheap and Easy Storage Router Table

For those who need a cheap under

budget work area, taking up minimal space in a small workshop, this table is it!

Anyone can build it regardless of their skill knowledge, and
you need not spend much on its easily accessible and small list of required

All Around Router Table

This table can be for both pros and necessary carpenters. If you need a simple table with no other tweaks, then it can be that, or if you need storage space and electric switches for the router for added safety, then you can add a cabinet and a switch board underneath.

The Table Saw Router Fence

This is for those who use a table saw pretty often in almost all their works. It’s easy to build and looks very systematic and professional.

Router Table Pressure Jig

This table has a pressure jig that adjusts the pressure on the spindle as it approaches the end of the job so it can stop cutting it.

This is an elaborate table not for the weak and is better than all the above router tables in the safety and functional field.

A Wall Mounted Router Table

Based on the popular Murphy concept, this table is compact and easy to store taking us almost no space.

You can moiunt it on the wall and aligned back on it parallelly. Hinges and wood plates help it get easily hoisted on the wall.

Tools Needed for DIY Router Table

You will require a manifold of tools to undergo this DIY, they are;

Top Materials Needed for DIY Plan

Below are the materials you will need;

  • Clamps
  • Dust Mask
  • Extension Cord
  • Glue
  • Hearing Protection
  • Jigsaw
  • One-Handed Bar Clamps
  • Router
  • Safety Glasses
  • Shop Vacuum
  • Outlet Boxes
  • Switch And Cover
  • Outlet And Cover
  • House Wire
  • Wire Nut
  • Wire Staples
  • Counter Sink Bolts for Mounting Router
  • Carriage Bolts
  • Washers
  • Wing Nuts
  • Plain Screws
  • Washer-Head Screws
  • Contact Cement
  • Nail-On Furniture Glides
  • Polyurethane Finish
  • Safety Power Tool Switch
  • Aluminium Insert

Common Steps

simple diy router table

Image source: DIYS.com

  1. By building your router table, you can customize it to your own needs and comfort, so firstly set up your tools and decide upon a design.
  2. Start by building the table top first. Measure your router’s dimensions and start cutting the lengths accordingly.
  3. Saw off the four leg posts or pieces all in the same dimensions using a hard wood like oak or teak and sand them. Then glue them each into each of the four corners of the table to about 2-3 inches in from the edge or corner.
  4. Now, use your aluminum insert and attach the router base to it with tape after removing the plastic or metal base and mark the hole points to be drilled accurately to hold the router in an inverted position.
  5. Then drill holes into the table to attach your router to it. They may be rectangular, circular and oval or different dimensions each.
  6. Then remove the bottom part of your router and align it with the holes and screw in your router with washers on the other ends.
  7. Check that the table surface is optically flat for smooth and accurate working.
  8. Now add wheels to the legs of the table, and you're almost done.
  9. After your primary table is done, add more tweaks like drawers for storage and racks.
  10. Finally, sand and polish the entire table until smooth. Then paint it to your likes, and you're done!

So, consider these plans and decide which is the best for your shop floor and build it now!

They're all comfortable and will provide you with a smooth and expert operation. These plans are all budget friendly and highly functional.

You can always add more upgrades according to your likes and mode of conduct! That's the benefit of a self-made router table!

You also must know which one is better for you, horizontal or Vertical one?

Now you can use the wood router as you wish.

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