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Best Lumber Rack

The Best Lumber Racks in 2024 | Top 10 Picks by An Expert

A good woodworker should always know how to store their wood properly because with time this item is getting more and more expensive.

While it is often ignored by many, storing wood correctly can actually save you from a lot of hassle and make sure you don’t spend extra money. Wood warping is a real concern, and a lumber rack might just be the thing to prevent it.

From keeping woods safe to saving up enough space in your workstation, the best lumber rack plays a vital part in the whole woodworking process.

Storing the wood on a flat surface with a cover is essential, and this is where we need the help of a quality lumber rack.



Editor's Rating


Bora Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage

5 out of 5

Amagabeli 4ft Firewood Rack

5 out of 5

HyLoft Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage Rack

4.5 out of 5

2x4basics Firewood Rack System

4 out of 5

Dewalt 3-Piece Wall Mount Cantilever Rack

4.5 out of 5

Why Should You Use A Lumber Rack?

A lumber rack for storing seasoned firewood is an incredible thing to have. Not only does it keep them in crisp condition, but it also helps tidy up your workshop.

However, storage and order are not the only two benefits of lumber racks. In fact, they can save your valuable time and money. Here's how they do it!

Keeps Moisture Away from Wood

Most lumber racks are either a freestanding structure or a wall-mount shelf. As you can see, whichever model you choose, a lumber rack will always keep your wooden boards and firewood 2×4s above the ground.

It's because, like a sponge, a piece of wood also soaks moisture from the earth. This wetness can prevent them from burning cleanly and might as well smoke up the entire house.

Helps with Impeccable Woodworking

Once you have all the tools for basic woodworking and learn how to join wood and you may watch some related videos, you would naturally want to try hands-on carpentry for the first time.

And starting off with a lumpy, mold-ridden piece of wood is a total buzzkill. For this very reason, a lumber rack is a staple to a professional carpenter's workshop. 

You can meticulously organize wooden boards throughout the many shelves on a lumber rack. It ensures proper airflow for keeping all your materials shipshape!

10 Best Lumber Rack Reviews

Lumber racks are slowly turning into a necessity for woodworkers, and if you are one and require a rack- you should go through our list of the ten best options available.

1. Bora Wood Organizer and Heavy Duty Lumber Rack

Quality lumber storages comprise three good qualities- strength, durability, and efficiency. The first one on our list, an exquisite product from Bora ticks all of them at once.

This here is a strong rack that can store different types of wood and other materials like PVC, pipes, golf clubs, and many more! This here does not take up a lot of space but never lacks when it comes to efficiency.

It is a wall-mounted lumber rack, which means even if you have a small workspace it will fit in just perfectly, all you need is a little ceiling space.

It is super easy to install and can adjust to any space you provide. Organizing your workbench is not a difficult task anymore, thanks to this quality product!

This lumber rack has a staggering weight capacity of around 600 lbs., which is more than enough if you’re alone woodworker and not working in a factory.

There are a total of six levels of storage and each shelf can hold up to at least 100 lbs. Doesn’t matter if it’s a massive log or a heavy branch- the unit will be able to withhold it for sure.

Perhaps the best thing about having six levels of storage is that you can customize and organize them in multiple ways. Placing them tactfully will provide you with even more shelf space.

This is made from powder-coated steel, so durability is never a question. Overall, this has high chances to be the best lumber rack on our list!

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 different levels of storage for extended space
  • Made from quality steel for endurance
  • Wall-mount system to fit in perfectly with smaller workspaces
  • Can hold at least 600 lbs. of weight
  • A versatile rack that can contain other wood-based items as well

2. Amagabeli 4ft Fire Wood Lumber Rack

If you prefer to work outdoors and badly want to shop lumber racks- then this might be the perfect option for you. This here is a heavy-duty firewood rack that has kindling holds and is a great fit for an outdoor back porch or outside fire pits.

It can fit in tool sheds or indoor garages as well and will hold more than enough wood for your fireplace in winter.

This one has a heavy tubular steel build and a black powder-coated finish. The steel is of excellent quality and it ensures optimal durability while the log rack stand can provide ample support with a heavy amount of weight. Specialized for storing firewood logs- this can store at least 330 lbs. of wood.

Assembling and installing lumber racks are often a problem for many. Luckily, it isn’t the case with this one.

This product from Amagabeli comes in different parts but if you read the instructions and act accordingly, it won’t take more than 10 minutes to assemble. This freestanding rack is sure to catch the eye of people who prefer working outdoors!

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty firewood rack that can withstand 330 lbs. of wood
  • Has strong tubular steel build and excellent finish
  • An excellent option for working outdoors
  • Easy installation and assembling
  • A versatile and durable rack that fits in both indoors and outdoors

3. HyLoft Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Metal Lumber Storage Racks

This wall-mount storage kit by HyLoft is our new favorite set of racks for storing lumber. Its high-quality steel construction is complete with a scratch-resistant white coat. On top of that, both the height and width of the HyLoft racks can be easily adjusted.

So, if you're looking for an adjustable storage system that keeps your shelves free and floor space unoccupied, this rack is a great solution.

For example, it is compatible with any ceiling joist configuration. You may use it with or without a shelf as a platform.

As we said, this is a ceiling lumber rack that doesn't need much work for a perfect set-up. You have the option to reduce the width to a minimum of 24 inches. On the other hand, you can extend the rack up to 34 inches.

The same goes for height. It doesn't matter if you have a high or a low-hanging ceiling. You can switch the height from 17 inches to 26 inches in a few easy steps.

If you happen to be using a HyLoft Overhead Storage Unit, you can attach the rack to that unit via its ceiling mount. Besides, the HyLoft rack looks amazing with its premium white powder coating.

The model can carry up to 250 pounds of weight. The necessary hardware is included so that you can get started with building right away!

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable height and width
  • 250-pound weight capacity per pair of racks
  • Ideal for storing camping and sporting equipment, carpeting, flooring, lumber, kayaks, etc.
  • Made of square tube with a scratch-resistant finish

4. 2x4basics Firewood Rack System

If you want to build your firewood rack from scratch, 2x4basics offers you a brilliant bracket kit to get on with your heavy-duty lumber rack project.

The brackets are constructed from high-quality structural resin so that the finished product not only is durable but also carries a huge amount of weight.

To begin with, you only need straight, seasoned boards that have been cut at a simple 90-degree angle. You don't have to curve the wooden boards or shape them with a saw to fit the brackets.

You can easily build an outdoor storage room, a minimalistic piece of furniture, or a plain old lumber rack to get the job done.

Needless to say, you can store quality wood for making patio chairs and tables in a later period.

There's no knowing when you might have your hands on decent wood. Getting hold of quality boards on an occasional visit to the lumberyard is surprisingly rare.

So, on those lucky occasions, you would want to have a great rack to store your raw materials.

Using 8-feet boards at the bottom and 4-feet boards on top can help you store ⅓ cord of wood for 16-inch longboards.

Now, it's time you picked up all that firewood you had lazily piled in the backyard. And what better way to do that than setting up a lumber rack with your own hands, and of course, with the craftsmanship of 2x4basics!

Highlighted Features:

  • Supports woodcut in 90 degrees for the assembly
  • Comes with mounting tools and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Made of durable resin for preventing sagginess
  • Suitable for a lot of woodworking ideas

5. Dewalt 3-Piece Wall Mount Wood Shop Lumber Rack

Among all the metal lumber storage racks we came across in our search for the finest, this Dewalt wall-mount cantilever rack checked all the boxes. It supports multiple-depth racks so that you can store boards of various sizes with ease.

Each arm on this Dewalt rack comes with locking pins that protect the arm from budging. The pins are removable and thus they allow you to adjust arm heights in 2.35" increments.

Moreover, the 36-inch rails are spacious enough so that your Woodstock arrangement doesn't feel cluttered. After all, who in their right mind would risk warping or mold growth for seasoned firewood?

We were quite pleased with how welcoming this rack is for different sizes of wood stock. Its high-capacity steel frame can accommodate a whopping 273-pound weight.

Both the rails and arms are coated with a heavy-duty powder coating. It protects the finish from chipping and fading.

After stocking up your lumber rack, seeing it all fall apart is the last thing you want. Fear not, this incredible cantilever rack by Dewalt features end stops at the outer portion of each bracket so that round stocks don't roll off and get damaged. Needless to say, these 2.5-inch stops save you a ton of work and money.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can adjust the rack heights in 2.35" increments by unlocking the pin
  • The steel rack is finished with an industrial-grade powder coat
  • Blunt, curved stops on each arm for a better holding power
  • A whopping 273-pound total weight capacity

6. KASTFORCE KF1004 Lumber Rack for Woodshop

It doesn't matter if you've never set up a rack or been the brightest in solving puzzles; the KASTFORCE lumber storage rack comes with the easiest instructions.

It takes the guesswork out of the picture and helps you build a sturdy rack for saving valuable wood stock.

First of all, this wall-mount rack by KASTFORCE is an affordable alternative to a full-on lumber storage cart. The fact that it mounts to bare-stud or finished walls gives you plenty of choices for putting up the rack.

However, a room where moisture content is the lowest is what professionals prefer for storing lumber.

The reason why KASTFORCE KF1004 is on the list of sturdy wall-mounted lumber storage racks is that it's made of alloy steel.

The kit also includes four spacers to reinforce the vertical bars. As for the measurements, you get three 13-inch shelves to organize your wood stock collection.

Once set up, the rack measures 17 inches in height and up to 72 inches in width.

It can keep your firewood needs in check as well as display expensive wood stock for your next creative project. Besides, this lumber rack not just holds lumber.

In fact, you can safely store your dowel, metal bars, rods, PVC pipes, plywood, and other constructional elements for a tidy look.

A general rule of thumb would be to use wood blocks in between each board in the pile. It will help them to breathe more, sustain their moisture content, and prevent the boards from sagging.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 aluminum alloy racks for multilevel lumber storage systems
  • A 6.25-inch gap between each rack
  • Comes with 4 spacers, 6 screws, and a detailed instruction manual
  • The racks can easily mount on an outdoor fence, basement, or garage wall

7. ShelterLogic Wood Storing Rack

With a strong ABS plastic body and a super-easy set-up, ShelterLogic LumberRack has got to be one of the finest lumber racks for woodshop available right now.

It offers you a budget-friendly solution to your firewood storage problem with simple yet practical features.

For example, you only need three pairs of 2×4 lumber to set up the rack. The brackets have the right measurements to snugly fit 2×4 lumber without needing any extra tool from your side.

Therefore, the joints are pretty sturdy for a firewood storage rack. Besides, since the rack is quite lightweight, you can easily dismantle it or move it to a different place.

You can cut wood in the 2×4 size making very straight cuts. Or you can just buy them from the store- easy-peasy!

Some might think that a molded ABS body is feeble and less durable than heavy-gauge steel racks. But the scenario is quite the opposite.

Steel rack, if not finished with an industrial-grade protective coating, tends to corrode, rust, and crack over time.

Especially when humidity is off the charts, a metal rack is sure to get rusty and wobbly. These all-weather ABS plastic brackets will give you no trouble of this sort.

In fact, once you finish building the rack, it will comfortably hold up a heavy load of firewood to keep your winters cozy, and your family warm!

Highlighted Features:

  • Takes only a few minutes to install
  • Requires six 2×4 lumber racks
  • Its ABS plastic body doesn't rust, chip, or fade
  • Weatherproof construction makes it suitable for using all year round

8. Heavy Duty Steel Garage Storage Utility Hooks

This metal lumber rack by Muyimu can help you organize your woodworking shop, garage, or outside storage room with ease.

There's no limit to what sort of things you can store on these strong utility hooks. From basic firewood to a kayak, these six hooks can turn your storage room from messy to organized!

Although, once you have seasoned firewood, you must store them in a place where it does not come in contact with moist elements such as the ground. Firewood can soak moisture from the ground if you leave them in a pile out in the open.

That brings up these brilliant hooks by Muyimu. These steel hooks feature non-slip rubber ends so that you don't harm yourself while loading and unloading.

Brick walls, blocks, studded and hardwood walls are some of the compatible surfaces where you can drill in this top-notch lumber storage.

As for the measurements, you get six 7.28-inch long tubular steel hooks that curve up to 2.95 inches at the outer end with protective rubber tips. The packaging includes 12 screws and 12 anchors. So, all you need is a drilling machine.

Highlighted Features:

  • Six 7.28 inches long alloy steel, tubular hooks
  • Suitable for hardwood, brick walls, studded and block walls
  • 25 lbs. weight capacity
  • Comes with 12 screws and 12 anchors

9. West Horizontal Wood Storage Rack

If you want to make your firewood burn clean with as little smoke as possible, you need to keep them seasoned months before the frosty December is upon you.

And for storing these pieces of lumber, this adjustable storage rack with multiple units and extra-long arms will help you out!

While it's no surprise to us, some are not familiar with the lumber rack concept. You can notice the difference when you burn firewood that has been stored outside or in a wall-mount rack inside your garage.

What's special about the West storage rack is that it has just the right amount of ground clearance for a standalone storage unit.

The bottom rack is elevated enough so that none of your Woodstock comes in contact with moisture from the wet earth, snow, and rainwater.

Additionally, the galvanized, 14-gauge steel construction stays well-protected against rust and corrosion. Its seven arms can securely hold PVC and plumbing pipes, metal tubing, plastic molding, wood, and more.

There is an 8-inch spacing in between two arms vertically. Overall, this top-notch storage rack is capable of housing an unbelievable 2000 pounds of weight.

Although, the fact that its sidebars are 5 feet apart might be a problem for professional woodworkers. It's because wooden slabs can sag if they are not supported much from below.

Highlighted Features:

  • A total 2000-pound weight capacity on seven arms
  • An 8-inch spacing in between the racks
  • A galvanized, 14-gauge steel construction
  • This is a heavy-duty rack with an easy assembly

10. Yeejoy 4 Set Overhead Garage Wall Mounted Lumber Storage Racks

Yeejoy brings you 4 sets of overhead storage racks to keep all your lumber problems at bay. Their tubular steel construction is sturdy enough to hold several wooden boards, pipes, and plastic moldings for an organized look.

This ceiling-mount storage rack is a staple to all households in Maine, Wisconsin, or Alaska where it's the Arctic outside most of the year!

Firewood needs to be stored in an elevated rack; preferably one where moisture from the ground cannot affect the lumber. And we found this ceiling mount rack to be perfect for the job.

Since these racks are made of steel, there's always a question about how long they last before rust gets to them. Fortunately, these tubular steel racks have a protective coating that prevents rust and chipping for long-term use.

Additionally, the hooks feature an EVA arm sealer. It protects them from wear and tears as well as external damages. Install multiple hooks on the ceiling in a parallel position. This way, you have the option to store those super-sized boards for your woodworking projects.

Last but not least, each storage hook is capable of carrying 50 pounds of wood stock.

If your garage space is already packed, a handy overhead compartment such as Yeejoy's is a smart alternative to the traditional, standalone racks.

Highlighted Features:

  • EVA arm protection
  • 50-pound weight capacity
  • Suitable for brick walls, wood, and plaster for mounting
  • Comes with 15 screws and plastic bolts
  • A 16.5-inch length is suitable for storing multiple huge workshop materials




Mounting System

Finish type (coating)

Bora Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage

Bora Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage




Amagabeli 4ft Firewood Rack Outdoor Log Rack Holder

Amagabeli 4ft Firewood Rack Outdoor Log Rack Holder

Tubular Steel



HyLoft Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage Rack Kit

HyLoft Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage Rack Kit


Ceiling mount

White Powder

2x4basics Firewood Rack System

2x4basics Firewood Rack System




Dewalt 3-Piece Wall Mount Cantilever Rack

Dewalt 3-Piece Wall Mount Cantilever Rack


Wall Mount

Industrial powder coating

KASTFORCE KF1004 Lumber Storage Rack

KASTFORCE KF1004 Lumber Storage Rack

Alloy Steel

Wall Mount


ShelterLogic LumberRack Firewood Rack

ShelterLogic LumberRack Firewood Rack




Heavy Duty Steel Garage Storage Utility Hooks

Heavy Duty Steel Garage Storage Utility Hooks

Alloy Steel

Wall Mount


West Horizontal Storage Rack

West Horizontal Storage Rack

Galvanized Steel



4 Set Overhead Garage Storage Rack

4 Set Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Tubular Steel

Ceiling Mount

Ceiling storage racks

Lumber Rack Buying Guide

Lumber Rack Buying Guide

With the progress of technology, you don’t have to go to a woodworker for a lumber rack- they come to you! However, you need to check a few key criteria that a quality lumber rack must-have. We’ve sorted them out for you.


The first and most important factor while selecting the best lumber rack has to be where it fits well.

Most woodworkers prefer a wall-mount lumber rack, mostly because they don’t take up any space on the floor and are very efficient to store wood.

One of the main reasons behind using a lumber rack is to save space, and wall-mounted ones are just the right fit for that.

Even if you cannot manage a wall-mount rack or find them too expensive for your budget, you can always settle for racks with different positioning.

If you have ample space in your garage or workplace, then the position won’t be an issue.

However, if you cannot afford to give up some space, then the horizontal wall-mount is your best bet.


It matters a great deal when it comes to the materials used in the making of a quality lumber rack. Some of them are fully made from high-quality steel while some are a mix of wood and steel. The material matters here because if your rack does not last long, your wood won’t either.

In general, a wood lumber rack is made from steel as the structure and wooden boards or bars in between them.

However, times have changed and better looking, more durable, and more sustainable racks that are fully made of steel are available now. Make sure the rack you’re buying is either zinc-plated or powder-coated.


If you are a woodworker yourself, you can actually make a lumber rack with the right tools. But that’s a lot of hassle, which is why you’re going through this list or buying ready-made ones.

This means you don’t want the hassle of installation as well- so try to pick a rack that takes the least amount of time and effort to set. Wall-mounted ones naturally require more investment than portable ones.



Your budget also plays a key part in selecting a preferable lumber rack. Fortunately, these racks don’t come in as too expensive. However, there are significant differences in their prices based on the material’s quality and positioning.

Wall-mounted ones are relatively more expensive than the ones that aren’t, which makes absolute sense.

When it comes to the core material, a wood-based lumber rack system is naturally inexpensive compared to the ones that are fully made from steel.

These are meant to last long- so that makes sense as well. Lucky for you, there are plenty of budget options on our list!


It’s not always the wall-mount rack that is best suited for your purpose. Granted, wall-mounted ones save up a lot of space, but if your workplace is huge and you need to constantly move around with the rack, then the portable ones with wheels will be a good fit for you.

Again, wall-mounted ones can be efficient if you simply plan to store them for a long time.

Then comes the point of adjustability and accessibility. The rack should be able to adjust to the atmosphere.

It ought to extend if required, which should be considered as a plus point. Last but not the least, check for the storage capabilities according to your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should I Install A Lumber Rack?

Because like everything else, your wood needs protection. If you just leave the expensive wood out in the open, chances are that humidity and other contaminants might harm them. A lumber rack reduces the chance of that by a big margin by storing them safely.

2. How Safe is It to Store Wood in the Garage?

If your wood isn’t clean dried yet, you can keep them in a fully covered garage.

However, the garage must be humidity and temperature-controlled.

Clean dried wood requires ample care and protection, so keeping them in the garage might not be the safest option.

3. What is the Impact of Temperature on Storing Wood?

Temperature plays a massive role in the decaying process of your precious wood. It’s not necessarily the same with different wood, but a properly balanced temperature is needed to make sure the wood does not get too moist or loses moisture altogether. Keeping the wood away from sunlight is also essential.

4. How Do I Stop My Wood from Warping?

Warping happens if the temperature while storing is not right or if it is put in a low-humid atmosphere. The wood loses its moistness easily and gets prone to warping.

What you can do here is to clean dry them and then store them in a moderately moist temperature, away from sunlight- in a wood storage system like a lumber rack.

5. How Can I Check If The Wood Is Dry or Not?

It’s not very difficult, all you need to use is a moisture meter. However, the level of dryness differs from types and environments. In general, for exterior works, the moisture level should be 12%, and for interior works, it should be around 6%.

Final Words

If you are a woodworking enthusiast, you will definitely find a quality lumber rack delightful. Storing wood can be a quite troublesome job, but we’re sure that the best lumber rack will do the task with ease and perfection.

All you need to do is find your preference, check the features with your usage and pick the correct product for you. We hope our list of ten excellent lumber racks will help you in the path to choose the right one. Best of luck on your woodworking journey!


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