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Best Domino Joiner

The Best Domino Joiner Reviews in 2024 | Top 2 Picks

Undoubtedly, the domino joiner is one of the best tools ever created by humans for woodworking.

Not only does it make the cutting process easier it also makes the whole process more efficient. This tool comes with advanced features made with modern technology ensuring better results.

However, it can be hard to choose one from the market and get the best domino joiner as there are many available.

To make your research and decision more comfortable, we present you this article that will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know.



Editor's Rating


Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner Set

5 out of 5

Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500

5 out of 5

Top 2 Best Domino Joiner for The Money

Finding a tool that is efficient and gives out the perfect polish and result can be hard to find. If that is what you have been stressing about, then worry no more.

We are here to provide you with the honest reviews to help you make a wiser and easier purchasing decision.

1. Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner Set

Are you looking for a tool that can effectively help you produce a full-sized tenon joint and mortise?

Searching for a tool that can save your setup time? 

If that is the case, worry no more because we have the right domino joiner review.

This tool comes with a pivoting fence. As a result, you can create angled mortises from angles starting from 0 to 90 degrees and with positive stops at 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees as well as 67.5 degrees.

It has a patented and unique cutting action that oscillates as well as rotates. Because of this feature, you will get a clean, repeatable, and perfect mortise every time.

You can also adjust the width and have an easier panel alignment with the turn of a dial.

The tenons come up to a probable length of 5-1/2-inch; thus is suitable for large-scale projects too.

It comes with five different mortising depths giving you a more precise and quick adjustment option. You can choose the size relative to the size of the tenon needed for your project.

This tool also includes optional trim and cross stops for your limited stock or edge joining works. Besides, the machine has a power consumption of 420 watts, which is also a fantastic feature to keep in mind.

The tool has a high speed that will help you save a lot of time. It has an excellent spindle speed with a mortising increment option ranging from 15-70mm.

Furthermore, it comes with dust extraction. The tool is portable for ease of use as well as for storage.

It will now take you less time to clean up your workplace. Moreover, you will also have a safer work environment and breathe in fewer dangerous toxins.

This tool will help you keep your job site clean it will also make your customer happy if you are working at their place directly.

With high precision and accuracy, this tool is the best for any work as it is versatile for any project.

Remove your guesswork from your woodworking and start using it to notice the positive changes you have missed. Hurry up and add this to your cart already!

Highlighted Features:

  • Positive stops at 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees and 67.5 degrees
  • Blade oscillates and rotates too
  • Dial for adjusting width and panel alignment
  • Creates 5-1/2 inch tenons
  • Five different mortising depths
  • Mortise angle ranging from 0 to 90 degrees

2. Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500

Searching for a tool with a long cutter life and high precision?

The search is over for you as we have found you precisely what you are looking for, and this tool won’t let you down.

This tool has a 5mm cutter that is already put together in the machine. The patented but different cutting action will give you holes and cuts of cleaner depth with the oscillating blade's help.

The blade that comes with the tool not only oscillates but moves side to side, giving a perfect depth that you might not be able to achieve using other means. Furthermore, it also has a pivoting fence.

This pivoting fence has positive stoppages at 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees, and 77.5 degrees.

This fence also allows you to create angled mortises ranging from 0-90 degrees. Hence, you can develop depths at any point or angle on your board.

The tool also has a hose port with a diameter of 1.06 inches. You can index pins to have a quick alignment for accurate placements against the edge of your workpiece.

This machine comes with a 500 7/32 (5mm) cutter, trim stop in a sustainer system, open-ended spanner, and across the top. You can also adjust the height with its routing height adjuster on a scale of 5-30 mm.

Furthermore, it also has an adequate system to collect the residue or extra dust omitted in the process.

The extractable dust design will provide you clean mortise holes. It will ensure you have better glue adhesion and longer cutter life.

Cutting and joining boards has always been a slow and challenging process. However, it is not the same anymore.

Thanks to this amazing man-made creation that will help you finish your projects faster and make your job much more comfortable.

For highly repeatable work and to significantly improve your work efficiency, this unique tool will be the perfect machine to start with.

Make all the late-night shifts, extra work, and exhaustion go away with the help of this tool. So without wasting any more of your energy, purchase this great too!

Highlighted Features:

  • Oscillating 5 mm blade offers a cleaner depth
  • Pivoting fence creates angled mortises
  • 1.06 inch hose port diameter
  • Domino DF 500 7/32 (5mm) cutter
  • Height adjustment on a scale of 5-30mm
  • Better glue adhesion

Top 2 Domino Joiner Tool Comparison Chart



Blade Type

Positive Stops (Degrees)

Mortise Angle Range (Degrees)

Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner Set

Festool 574447 XL


22.5, 45, 67.5


Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500

Festool  DF 500


22.5, 45, 77.5


Domino Joiner Buying Guide

Domino Joiner Buying Guide

Domino Joiners are no doubt one of the most excellent tools created that makes woodworking so much easier.

However, it might also not be easy to purchase one randomly. Thus, it is vital to keep a few essential points in mind before you buy the product.

There can be a lot of option for you to choose from but getting the right machine that will satisfy can be challenging.

To find a tool that will go a long way and keep on helping you in the long term is crucial. So before buying, look into these factors so that your purchase can be worth every buck of yours.

Depth Control

An essential part of the whole process is the depth of the holes you will create using the tool. It would help if you got a tool that will give you as many ranges of depths as possible.

You can create multiple mortises for better alignment and easy assembly. The two boards can work with slides past each other and stay fixed if possible to make holes of different depths. It will ensure you work on various projects and be a more versatile tool to work with.

Blade Type and Mechanism

The blades of the Joiner help you create the mortise holes. Better the edge, more comfortable it is for you to work with. Some may also come with a drilling blade, which will give you a perfect look.

Furthermore, blades that move side to side and oscillate are the best ones as they will provide you with a perfect finish for lesser work.

Height and Angle Adjustment

It will be best if you get a tool that allows you to adjust the height and angle you will work with. This feature will help you create mortise easier and at any location on the board with ease.

Dust Extraction

Dust is the essential residue that comes out while you work on wooden works.

However, they can be toxic and make the place unsafe to work on. Upon inhaling, it might cause health issues. Here our some guide for safety that you should consider in your working place.

Moreover, it might make it harder for you to work with adhesive or come in the way of giving polished results on the board.

Hence, it is vital to look for a tool that comes with a suitable dust extraction mechanism to improve your working condition and your project's outcome.

Domino Joiner vs. Biscuit Joiner

Both the machines are great tools for working on wood. Although these plunging action tools have a lot in common, it still differs in characteristics.

Both the machines are perfect for aligning boards together, but you might decide to use one or the other in specific cases.

Cutting Angle

A biscuit joiner and domino joiner can cut boards at different angles once set from any angle from 0-90 degrees. You can also adjust the height as it comes with a built-in scale.

The pre-sets can be used to adjust the height required by the board lengths while cutting. These tools also come with a dust collection mechanism.

Biscuit Size

The biscuit joiner creates half-moon shaped holes on the two boards you will work with and comes with three different sized biscuits to help join them together.

Upon entering them, you will have a lot of room to play, and the boards will slide past each other.

Holes/Gap Size

On the other hand, with a domino Joiner, you can create 4-10 mm holes to join two boards. The drill blade moves side to side and oscillates, creating gaps of your choice, this time with a greater depth of your requirement.

Biscuit Movement

Biscuit Movement

While the two boards, when registered after using a biscuit hole, slide past each other, you can choose to make them stay fixed or slide both using a domino joiner.

A domino joiner is also faster and gives more accurate cuts when used on boards. The domino joiner differs from a Biscuit joiner and can be a more efficient tool for your purchase.

Final Words

Even though this tool can be a little expensive, but it is what you get for the price. If you get the right tool, then it will be worth every single penny.

Upon purchasing the machine that is suitable for you, you will notice drastic changes in your work and the environment you are going to work in.

We hope this article has helped you with the necessary information. Make sure to keep in mind the essential factors before buying the best domino joiner for your woodworking.


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