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Best Chainsaw Gloves

10 Best Chainsaw Gloves Review 2024 – Beginners Buying Guide

There is nothing more truer than the adage that prevention is better than cure.

This applies to all aspects of life, especially when dealing with sharp power tools like grinders, table saws, and chainsaws.

Most of the time, the simplest solution is the most effective one. Take, for example, using safety gloves when operating a chainsaw. Sure, most chainsaws are designed to keep your hand away from the blade, but when it comes to dealing with power tools, one can’t be cautious enough.

In this review, we will look at ten of the best chainsaw gloves so that you can see which one can fit your work and lifestyle.



Editor's Rating


DEX FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves

5 out of 5

Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG

5 out of 5

Youngstown Glove

4.5 out of 5

IRONCLAD Work Gloves Impact Protection Gloves

4 out of 5

Husqvarna Functional Saw Protection Gloves

4.5 out of 5

Are Chainsaw Gloves Necessary?

When we look at the design of a chainsaw, we will see the way that it is laid out, it keeps the hand away from the spinning blade, and the grip is protected by a guard.

But these are not enough if you want to be really safe. Still, there are many outside factors that can injure anyone who operates a chainsaw.

Mechanical Accidents

When you’re cutting through a dense wood and the chain is running at high RPM, you don’t see what is happening in the chain. It can break all of a sudden and without prior notice.

Accidents can happen to anyone. But they don’t need to affect you in a negative way.

You can prevent injury and damage if you are proactive in your safety measures. This can be done simply by just wearing the right protective equipment like safety glasses, coveralls, and reinforced protective gloves.

Wood Splinters

Since you’re cutting through wood with a spinning motion, you cannot control the direction in which a wood splinter may go. One may go astray and may hit you and potentially do damage.

But if you are wearing gloves, you can avert such injury to your hands and fingers.


The spinning operation will generate heat. Of course, if you properly maintain your chainsaw, it will not generate dangerous heat.

But the friction between the wood and the chain will still make the tool too hot to the touch. Touching it may burn you, so it’s still best to have the proper protection for your hands when operating the chainsaw.

10 Best Chainsaw Gloves Review

So what should you expect from this review? The items indicated here are among the best chainsaw gloves you will find in the market in terms of materials, the safety provided, and the best value for money.

1. DEX FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves

If you want to see the future of work and chainsaw gloves, this may very well be it. It has sleek features and a slash-proof design that makes it one of the best picks in this review.

This pair of gloves protect the user from cuts and punctures from handling sharp metals, blades, glass, and chainsaw chains.

Ergonomically designed, it does away with the familiar bulky build of most safety gloves. It is designed to, well, fit like a glove (pun inevitable). The palm has a high-grade rubber that helps for a firm grip and allows you to use your touch screen devices without removing the glove.

You can use the glove even underwater and even on lightly-oiled surfaces. The non-slip material helps in creating a firm grip on almost any surface.

When using this when using the chainsaw, it offers protection from flying wood chips, and will even save you if the chain snaps and hits you in the hand due to its slash-proof design.


  • Slash-proof and cut-resistant chainsaw gloves
  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-slip rubber allows for a firm grip and operation of touch screen devices
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Many colors to choose from


  • Rubber is lost when used for a long time
  • Size is not consistent

2. Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG

Hand safety is among the utmost concern when operating power tools. This pair of gloves will give you the protection you want to operate your chainsaw with confidence.

Ironclad is well known for work equipment that protects the user from danger. This is the best-selling glove they have to offer.

This pair of gloves have an adjustable hook and loop closure for a secure fit.

It also sports a unique sweat management feature. That is a terry cloth installed on top of the thumb part, which helps in wiping the sweat off your brow.

The synthetic leather reinforcements provide extra dexterity. These are located in critical areas to provide extra durability.

Other features include thermoplastic knuckle protection, which protects the knuckles from impact and abrasion and a rubber cuff puller that allows for a fast and precise fit every time.

You can use these for operating a chainsaw with no problem. The features all help protect you from injury from using this powerful tool.

Sizes for this pair of gloves range from XS to XXL. So there are a lot of options for almost all hand sizes. These gloves are also washable.


  • Designed for heavy-duty jobs
  • Sweat management feature
  • Different position of protection for the user
  • Many sizes available in high visibility colors


  • Doesn’t have touch screen sensitive feature
  • Maybe too bulky for light jobs and tasks

3. Youngstown Glove 

This pair are cut-resistant chainsaw gloves and made from breathable materials, which makes them one of the toughest products in this review.

They owe the toughness to the Kevlar lining throughout the glove. In fact, every inch of the glove from the top, the palm, to the side of the fingers are equipped with Kevlar fiber.

The interior of the glove is completely lined with Kevlar fiber, which greatly increases the protection you get from cuts from operating a chainsaw. This makes the glove both versatile for a wide variety of applications.

On the palm side, it helps in adding extra comfort grip with the non-slip reinforcement on the palm, fingers, and thumb, the critical areas that help secure anything you are holding on to.

It is an ideal work-partner, especially with light to medium tasks, as it has a terry cloth strategically located on the back of the thumb to help you wipe the sweat off your brow without reaching for a towel.


  • Manufactured to be tough and durable for many applications
  • Kevlar lining adds to the protection of the user
  • Flexible and ergonomic
  • Machine washable


  • Some of the areas between the seams may not be as protected as the ones with padding

4. IRONCLAD Work Gloves Impact Protection Gloves

If you need something that provides protection for the work ahead of you, this pair of safety gloves claim to provide a 360° impact protection for your hands.

This pair of gloves has impact protection at the back of the hand using a thermoplastic rubber on the knuckles and metacarpals – the areas that need the most protection when doing heavy-duty tasks like operating heavy equipment and sharp tools like a chainsaw.

You can utilize these gloves when cutting wood and operating a chainsaw. It has an exclusive 16-point measurement for a great fit for any size. There is also a wide range of sizes available for both males and females.

In addition to those features, they also added special materials on the palm to help reduce vibration as well as increase grip strength. You can use these comfortably out of the box. The materials allow for no more breaking in.

These gloves are washable, which means you can use these gloves even in both dry and wet conditions. Of course, needless to say, washing the gloves helps in sanitizing and prolonging their use and lifespan.


  • Provide extra protection using thermoplastic rubber features
  • Vibration and extra grip pads
  • Hook and loop closure for easy wearing and snug fit
  • Washable materials


  • Finger dexterity may be a little compromised due to the padding

5. Husqvarna Functional Saw Protection Gloves

These are chainsaw-specific work gloves. If you are looking for something that you can use when cutting down wood, these will fit you right.

They designed these gloves to help give extra protection and dexterity when using a chainsaw. The increased cut resistance in the left hand is one of the many practical features that will give peace of mind to the operator of the chainsaw.

Furthermore, they also have touch screen padding that helps with other tasks. Well made and designed to be ergonomic, these gloves have a wide range of sizes that will fit most hands.

The fit is great, which helps the user operate the chainsaw comfortably and easily. Its palm is made from goatskin, which is well known for its flexibility and breathability.

Spandex fabric is used at the back of the hand. Both gloves will offer protection when operating a chainsaw for limbing trees and cutting through logs. These work great for lawn and garden care.


  • Made from comfortable and durable materials
  • Extra protection in the gripping hand for operating a chainsaw
  • Touch screen padding feature
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes


  • May not work well for other jobs as the left hand has more reinforcement materials than the right hand

6. Endura Superior Goatskin Leather Work Gloves

If comfort is the foremost criteria you’re looking for in your gloves, then these may very well have been made for you.

These gloves are made from goatskin, which makes them abrasion-resistant. In addition to that, they are also soft and lightweight, making them ideal for any type of work.

The goatskin is maintenance-free so that you can use these gloves for any type of job you require. Whether you’re in manufacturing, metal handling, using farm equipment, a heavy equipment driver, or even just tending to the garden, you can utilize these gloves for everyday use.

They are lined with Kevlar that offer extra protection from cutting hazard when using a chainsaw. These gloves work best for lawn and garden work as well as construction.

Aside from cut resistance, they are also tested to resist flame and spark. Try these ones if you don’t mind the patina you get after using them for a while.


  • Goatskin material allows for soft and great feel when using
  • Kevlar lined interior for extra protection
  • Arc-flash tested to resist spark and flame
  • Abrasion-resistant


  • May not be as heavy-duty as other gloves in this review
  • Some stitching issues

7. Vgo Chainsaw Work Gloves

As far as reasonably priced gloves are concerned, these are your best bet yet.

They come in high visibility orange and made from breathable and ergonomic materials like goat leather and spandex. These materials provide increased dexterity and maneuverability for the wearer.

It is equipped with PVC padding on the palms that provide extra grip and durability when operating a chainsaw.

The thumb and the index fingers are equipped with touchscreen compatible materials so that you can use your devices without having to remove the glove.

As chainsaw protective gloves, they are equipped with fabric patches on the inside and the back of the left-hand pair for added protection and cut resistance.

The neoprene velcro adjustment at the cuff ensures a tight fit and that it won’t come loose easily. This is a great feature for anyone who operates a chainsaw and other power tools.

These are comfortable and functional, which makes them a good choice for anyone who is looking for value for their money.


  • Made with durable and light materials
  • Touchscreen compatible materials on the index and thumb
  • Extra protection for added security when using on a chainsaw
  • Adjustable velcro for a tight fit


  • Some sizes are not compatible with individuals with large hands
  • May not be suitable for really heavy jobs

8. HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Gloves

These gloves function as well as they look. The back of the hands are equipped with thick rubber pads that help in reducing the risk of injury from accidental slips and impact.

Despite this thick protection, you can still be dexterous enough and limber to work on many tasks like operating a chainsaw.

The anti-vibration feature lessens fatigue when working. Individuals who have nerve damage on their hands will benefit from the anti-vibration property these reinforced protective gloves offer. It is made with breathable material, spandex fabric and helps for flexibility and increased performance.

With heavy-duty gloves like this, you will think that they are difficult to put on or remove. But thanks to the secure wrist closure, they are hard to be removed when working but a breeze to take off when you’re done with the job.


  • Durable thermoplastic rubber materials
  • Palm padding for a firm grip
  • Ant-vibration property for improved dexterity
  • Made with light and breathable materials


  • Offers no protection against wet conditions
  • Not ideal for lawn care and garden work

9. Nuowen Grain Cowhide Full Leather Work Gloves

Wearing these gloves will give you full confidence that you are wearing a descendant of something that was used to build up monuments and important landmarks in this country.

Cowhide leather is well known to be a great material for protection from injuries that may be caused by operating power tools or working on difficult tasks.

It also offers great comfort for the wearer allowing them to be nimble and resistant to abrasion and puncture.

This pair of gloves features a Ball and Tape style wrist closure, which allows you to adjust the glove fit according to your preference. Moreover, this doesn’t only help in ensuring a tight fit; it also reduces the chance of dust and debris from entering your gloves.

The gloves have a leather palm grip, which allows for a secure hold on to anything you are working with.


  • The Gunn cut, and Keystone thumb design make these gloves both comfortable and flexible for use
  • Classic design
  • Puncture and cut resistant
  • Great for many applications


  • Above-standard thickness can compromise a little dexterity
  • Have little water resistance

10. Echo Chainsaw Kevlar Reinforced Protective Gloves

Double your protection with these gloves. They are reinforced with a double lining of Kevlar on the back.

On top of that feature, Kevlar offers lightweight and strong protection from impact and cuts. Despite being a chainsaw glove, it has protection for both left and right hands. So you can still be protected even if you use this for other jobs.

The foam pads on the palm reduce vibration. This feature lessens fatigue and helps those who have nerve damage in their hands.

Goatskin leather is used in front of the gloves, so it helps for a tight grip. Additionally, it has reinforced tips and knuckles that helps improve durability.

The wrist has a velcro that helps secure the gloves where it is supposed to be.

These gloves are manufactured to be ergonomic and designed to fit individuals well so that they can be limber and can move freely, even with small tasks aside from cutting with a chainsaw.


  • Kevlar reinforcement help protect both hands of the wearer
  • Lightweight
  • Foam pads to reduce vibration
  • Secure fit with velcro straps


  • Price is a bit on the high side

Chainsaw Gloves Buying Guide for Newbies

Chainsaw Gloves Buying Guide for Newbies

For any chainsaw user, protection should always be a top priority. There are many ways you can protect yourself, and one of these is to wear protective gear.

Since you’re primarily using your hands when operating this power tool, you should choose the right chainsaw glove to wear.

If you’re a newbie, you may be paralyzed from the many options available in the market. So in this guide, you will see which are the best factors to consider when buying your very first pair.

Glove Materials

Ask any veteran chainsaw user, and they will say that leather is the best material for gloves. It is comfortable and resistant to tear and cuts.

Other materials had been used instead of leather – like spandex. But time and time again, leather proves to be the best choice when it comes to working equipment.

As a rule, the more leather your pair of gloves has, the more protection you will get.

Material Reinforcement

If you will be using a power tool that cuts, like a chainsaw, you have to make sure that the glove you get will ensure protection from cuts and slashes. In addition to that, it should also be puncture-proof.

In case you see the word Kevlar in the gloves, chances are, that pair will do well for you.

Kevlar is a material used by the military for protection against bullets, which means an ample amount on a pair of gloves will be enough to stop the chainsaw from cutting into your own skin.


Little do people know and understand, the protection on your gloves should not just be about preventing the cutting into your skin. It should also be able to stop the chain from moving if any accident occurs. This is where the lining comes into play.


Though this may not necessarily be on top of your list, this should be among the factors you should consider when buying a pair of gloves. This is so that in the few times that you need to cut wood in wet conditions, you don’t soak your hands from the inside.


While it is generally accepted that work gloves should be maintenance-free since they should be made from durable materials, there comes a time when you will need to address a few things here and there.

Sweat buildup may cause a foul odor from your gloves, so consider if the gloves are washable. If you have full leather gloves, see if they need something to protect them from water or any moisture to last you a long time.

Size Availability

Size Availability

You may have found full-featured gloves you really like, but you have to make sure that it fits just right.

Too loose and you run the risk of it falling off while you’re working, and too tight, and you may likewise injure yourself from the constriction of your hand.

It has to be neither too loose nor too tight. You have to know what size hands you have and what the manufacturer base their sizes on so that you can work comfortably and safely when using your power tools with a glove on.

Needless to say, it should fit like a glove.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I Need to Break in My Gloves Before Using It?

Ideally, a glove will be ready for use right out of the box. But if you bought full leather gloves, it would do well for you to use it a few times to get a feel of it before proceeding to work with it.

2. Is Kevlar the Only Material to Consider When I Want Extra Protection?

While Kevlar offers good protection, consider also other materials like leather. You can also look at sizes. The right size will help protect you as well.

3. Can I Use a Glove Even If It Is a Little Tight/Loose?

Ideally, you should get the right size fit for you.

4. Should I Go For a Glove With Rubber Protection on the Back?

Most cut-resistant chainsaw gloves have protection in the back of the hand since it protects from any injury caused by a loose chain.

5. How does an Anti-Vibration Feature Protect Me?

Some individuals suffer from nerve damage in their hands. This causes numbness when operating with a hand for quite some time. While the best cure for this is to seek medical attention, the anti-vibration feature will help aid the individual when working with a chainsaw.

Final Words

Now you have an idea which chainsaw is the best chainsaw gloves for you. Keep in mind that a good glove starts with a good fit. So make sure that you find one that feels like a second skin and can protect you from any untoward incident.

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