Best Brush For Varnish

Best Brushes for Varnish In 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Your varnish is essential. You need it if you want to protect your wood from any damage that could potentially ruin it. But it can be hard to apply it if you don’t have the right tools. Using it the wrong way could lead to several hours going to waste. And I bet you don’t want that to happen.

So, to prevent that from getting that bad. We’ve made a list gathering the top 10 best brushes for varnish you can find. So, with the right tools, you can apply any varnish you want, knowing you’re using the right tools for the job. Below, you’ll find more about them!



Editor's Rating


Liquitex 1300704 Professional Freestyle Brush

5 out of 5

US Art Supply Synthetic Bristle Brush for Varnish

5 out of 5

Grace Marketing HI Hiltex 00308 Varnish Brush

4.5 out of 5

EHOMEA2Z Foam Paint Brush For Varnish

4 out of 5

Dainayw Artist Flat Varnish Paint Brush Set

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 10 Best Varnish Brush On The Market

Your run-of-the-mill mill typical varnish brush won’t get the results you want. Now, this can be irritating if you’re going to apply varnish on your wood. Using the wrong tools could lead to unwanted results. This is why we’ve made a list of the best and most efficient brushes for varnish.

1. Liquitex 1300704 Professional Freestyle Brush

This is the ideal brush for anybody who wants to apply varnish in a professional and fast way with stunning results.

Liquitex is a company that mainly supplies art materials. They are known for their top-rated products. So, when you get something from them, you know for sure you’re getting what you pay for.

Do you need a brush that effortlessly? This brush is as elegant as a ballerina when it comes to gliding across the materials. You can, in fact, drag as much as you want on large surfaces and walls and still get mind-blowing results in just a matter of seconds.

If you just bought acrylic paint but can’t find a proper brush that can hold them, then this is the perfect brush for you. You can use it to apply acrylic paint colors and get remarkable results with this professional brush.

Getting the job done as soon as possible is vital if you want to keep growing your business as much as possible. But some brushes you find online just don’t live up to those expectations. However, with this brush, you will get professional results. This is perfect for any professional artists, art students, and teachers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for varnishing large areas
  • Excellent durability
  • It doesn’t feel slippery
  • Ideal for  professionals & beginners
  • Beautiful results fast & reliably

2. US Art Supply Synthetic Bristle Brush for Varnish

This 100% synthetic brush provides a beautiful and smoother finish than most brushes you find online. The company behind this brush is also well known.

U.S Art supply is an American-based company. They have been around since 1974. They mainly import low cost but high-efficiency and high-quality art materials from abroad and bring them to the United States.

This is the best brush for varnish. It has synthetic bristles that are super helpful whenever you need to get top-notch results. They are also essential when you don’t want to create as much static, and want a quick-drying result.

Finding a brush that can handle stains, varnish, acrylic, and gesso can be hard. Some brushes just don’t get things done right. But with this brush, you can handle all of that and still get great results.

Bristle loss and shedding can ruin your workflow. This usually happens after washing them, or when they have been for quite a while with you. This brush, on the other hand, is firm and doesn’t experience bristle loss after washing it.

You also get 3 different size brushes. This is great because sometimes you need different sizes for different surfaces. So, if you ever find yourself in a situation like that, you know what brush to get.

Highlighted Features:

  • Contains different widths for different surfaces
  • Synthetic bristle for smoother results
  • It can be used with different paints
  • Excellent quality and results
  • Wooden handle prevents slippage

3. Grace Marketing HI Hiltex 00308 Varnish Brush

Do you need extra brushes to get to different surfaces? This is the best brush for polyurethane varnish. With this pack, you over 5 brushes.

If you want to become a professional, you need the right tools to bring your ideas to life. You don’t want to get cheap knock-offs that break after using them. These great paintbrushes outshine most paintbrushes in the market. You get fabulous and amazing results with it.

Moreover, it comes in different sizes. Sometimes you need a lot of brushes for various purposes. Perhaps, you need to apply paint on a small surface or a large surface. Whatever the case might be, this brush is good enough to make your life easier.

Bristles falling off can be stressful. Those bristles get everywhere, and this can ruin your project. These bristles are polyester bristles. They are fantastic since they remain in great shape and still hold their stiffness.

Do you ever feel as though your current brush paint doesn’t hold nearly as much paint as you would like it to do? Well, we’ve found the solution to this common problem. These brushes have feathered bristles, which is useful if you want to hold a lot of paint.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bristles hold their shape and stiffness
  • Extra brushes for different types of projects
  • Well-made anti-slippery handle
  • Aimed at professionals & students
  • Delivers professional-level results

4. EHOMEA2Z Foam Paint Brush For Varnish

Do you use acrylic paints daily but can’t seem to find a good and reliable paintbrush that can live up to your expectations? Look no more. You may have finally found the best varnish brush.

Dripping is annoying and gets messy in just a matter of seconds. You’re just minding your business, and as soon as you pull out the brush from the can, it starts dripping everywhere. Since this brush has foam cells, they help reduce dripping by a lot, so you don’t have to clean an enormous mess afterward.

Do you need to restore the appearance or state of your old wall? This paintbrush is excellent for anybody who wants to touch-up paint like a professional.

One of the main reasons this paintbrush is so good is that you get different sizes for such a low price. Some people need to work on different types of projects. Or, sometimes you just need that extra brush and don’t want to go to a nearby shop just to get one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works with any type of paint
  • Greatly reduces dripping
  • Reduces painting time & effort
  • Available in various sizes for practicality
  • Extremely affordable for the quality

5. Dainayw Artist Flat Varnish Paint Brush Set

Do you also hate it when bristles lose their original form after a while? Most people do, and it’s honestly annoying. These are the best brushes for varnish. These paintbrushes retain their unique shape even after being cleaned.

You don’t have to worry about bristles coming off every so often. These brushes were designed like this so that they wouldn’t experience any shedding.

With so many paintbrushes on the market, it is quite hard to choose one that meets your expectations. Most of them are just not good enough. But this paintbrush has stood out from others. They are very smooth and get the job done with outstanding results.

Cleaning your brush can be hard. Removing the built-up paint is both time-consuming and tedious. But it’s not like you can skip it and do it tomorrow. They would get stiff and wouldn’t perform as well. These brushes are surprisingly easy to clean, so no need to put it off anymore.

Do you need to paint in large areas but don’t have the right equipment to do so? These brushes provide a smooth surface on large areas while still providing high-quality results.

Highlighted Features:

  • Retain their original form after years
  • No need to worry about bristle loss
  • Works well for gesso, varnishes, acrylic paint, and more
  • Incredibly soft and smooth to use
  • Beautiful results for a reasonable price

6. Wooster 5232-2 Series 5232 2”

This is a great and reliable paintbrush. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this paintbrush allows you to get top-notch results in just a matter of seconds.

Wooster is a United States-based company. They have been in business since 1851. They are one of the oldest manufacturers of paint applicators in the United States. They are also known for their top-notch products.

To get impressive results, you need the right paintbrush. This paintbrush filament is quite soft and gets rid of any brush marks. This is important if you want your surface to look as good as possible. Rushed and unfinished works look bad and give off a bad feeling.

Moreover, it works on any paint, and you still get those sweet and excellent results. So, no need to worry about getting poor results.

Sometimes, your brush doesn’t seem to get the job done right. It is annoying and time-consuming just to see it not working correctly. This is why this paintbrush doesn’t lose stiffness and pushes the paint farther on to the surface. That alone is enough to want this paintbrush.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great quality and results
  • Strong wooden handle
  • Soft filaments for better control
  • It holds the paint extremely well
  • Outstanding performance with any paint

7. US Art Supply 1-Inch Brushes

Once again, we’ve got another awesome paintbrush from U.S Art Supply. They surely never disappoint us with their products. And this paintbrush is no exception.

This paintbrush is suitable for oil-based paint, stain, and varnish. It can handle different types of paints since it has white china bristles. They are great whenever you want to get smooth results.

Smooth sanded handle. You get an excellent grip that is made of wood. It is strong enough to be with you for quite a while. So, durability is not something you should worry about with this paintbrush.

So far, so good, but what if you need many of them for long-term use? We got you. You get a lot of paintbrushes with this purchase. So, if you ever miss one or break one part, you can use another one from the bundle.

If you need to touch-up some paint and don’t want to spend too much money on paintbrushes, then this one will do wonders for you. It’s incredibly efficient and works like a charm. Whether you need to touch-up paint or apply varnish, you can do it with these brushes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works with a wide array of paints
  • Ultra-strong handle for durability
  • Several brushes in one pack
  • Bristles are stiff perfect for even strokes
  • Ideal for smooth and straightforward application

8. Cambridge Resources Chip Brushes 2 Inch

This is an easy-to-use paintbrush. It may have just what you need. Whether you are someone who’s just getting started or a professional, you will find that this paintbrush lives up to your exceptions.

Everyone loves products from Cambridge. They are well-designed and perform incredibly well. On top of that, they always make sure that you always get the best from them.

This is the ideal paintbrush for those who want a good and reliable paintbrush for an affordable price. It is good enough that you won’t notice the difference between a premium and a cheap one.

Not many people talk about this, but it’s frustrating when your paintbrush is slippery and feels awful. To prevent this, we recommend getting this paintbrush. They are not slippery at all. In fact, it does not slip at all.

It can be used with any form of paint. It just works exceptionally well with any type of paint. This is something you should keep in mind when choosing a paintbrush. As always, everyone is looking for something different. But we still think this is something you should keep in mind.

Highlighted Features:

  • Backed-up by a great company
  • It works like a charm with all forms of paint
  • Bristles hold great
  • The handle is not slippery at all
  • Recommended for anyone looking to get into painting

9. Antrader Soft Tip Bristle Paint Brush

Do you need a durable and consistent brush that works on rough surfaces and one that works with different types of paints? If so, you will be amazed by how good this paintbrush is.

Choosing a paintbrush can be overwhelming. Not everyone knows what to get when going to a nearby store. This is precisely why we recommend this paintbrush; it is beginner-friendly and gets the job done just fine.

This is the best brush for spar varnish. With this paintbrush, you can finally apply a smooth finish and even strokes. Whatever type of paint you use, you can still accomplish professional results with this paintbrush. Now you can finally get that glass-like finish without any brush marks.

It’s the perfect size for large walls and large areas. You always try to match the size of the surface you’re trying to paint on. Thus, if you are going to paint in large areas, this is the go-to paintbrush.

Do you need a medium to long hair paintbrush for blending? What I love about this paintbrush is that it can be used for both blending and loose painting. And to top it off, you won’t experience any shedding.

Highlighted Features:

  • A wide 6-inch design ideal for large areas
  • Works with different paint
  • Allows loose painting and blending
  • Tips provide a smooth surface and even finish
  • They are soft but built sturdy for long-term use

10. Karpov Premium Paint Brush

This paintbrush is made of high-performance and high-quality materials to ensure you have the best experience possible.

We know how hard it can be to choose one single paintbrush from so many you find online. This is why we recommend getting this paintbrush from Karpov. It has long bristles that are effective when applying varnish. It’s also good enough for any beginner.

Furthermore, they have been around for a long time and have proven to be good enough for anybody who wants to apply varnish. They were made using the best materials you can find. So, yeah, your paintbrush won’t break as easy.

The wooden handle doesn’t feel weird, and it’s lightweight. This is important because you will be holding the brush for a long period; it can get uncomfortable holding something that doesn’t feel right at all.

It is small, just like you see in the pictures. This is great if you want to apply varnish, as you better control over a paintbrush when it is small.

Highlighted Features:

  • Soft & light wooden handle
  • Extremely durable & reliable build
  • Long bristles for a smooth operation
  • Easy to wash and store away
  • Comes in various sizes for any purpose

How to Choose Right Brush for Varnish?

How to Choose Right Varnish Brush

Nobody wants to spend money on a brush that is going to break after using it. It may feel tiresome after purchasing tons of different brushes without really finding the one that works for you the best. But it’s not like you can go to the nearby store and pick up the first brush you see hanging on the wall.

So, here are some tips that I have found to be quite helpful when choosing the best brush for applying varnish.


Depending on what you’re working on, this may apply to you. But if you’re painting or applying varnish, you should definitely pick up a small paintbrush for better control. Small brushes are perfect for when you need precise control over your brush and near-perfect strokes.

Then again, this heavily depends on what you’re working on. But if you’re painting on broad and long areas, a slightly bigger brush will do the trick for you.


It’s always best to choose an excellent and reliable brush. Imagine a situation where you're painting a beautiful piece and then your brush snaps or the bristles come undone. It would feel very frustrating. So definitely make sure that you're purchasing a durable set that won't fail you or stress you out.


The best way to apply oil-based varnishes is to use white china bristles. They are just the perfect choice for any oil-based paints. They are both soft and flexible, which is quite helpful when you want to create glass-like finishes.

Choosing the right brush for varnish means you need stiff bristles for long-term use. Sometimes you may be working on a rough surface, and your brush may not keep up with your current workflow speed. So,  we recommend getting a brush with durable bristles.

Your bristles falling off ever so often gets annoying after a while. Sometimes it just gets in your way when painting, and it’s honestly quite tedious. But there is a way out of that never-ending circle. Get a brush that little to no bristle loss.

In general, manufacturers make it very clear when their brushes are strong enough to keep their current shape. So, look out for those time-saving brushes.


Loading your brush up with paint only to realize you’ve made a massive mess while painting is quite stressful, to say the least. Some brushes are fabulous when handling paint, but some of them just are not that good. So, we recommend getting a brush that significantly reduces dripping.

Tips to Take Care Your Varnish Brush

Tips to Take Care Your Varnish Brush

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen those old and damaged paintbrushes. They just look awful and unpleasant to look at. But how does it even get that bad? Well, to put it simply, this is what happens when you don’t take proper care of your varnish brush.

Luckily, there is one way out of that horrible mess. So, here are some tips to keep your varnish brush as durable as possible.

Wash It Out

You should always clean your paintbrush after you use it. This is so you can remove the built-up paint the paintbrush has. So, here’s how to do it.

Things You Will Need

Steps to take

  1. Pour some mineral spirits into the bowl.
  2. Now grab the paintbrush and rub it against the mineral spirits.
  3. This is, so the mineral spirits get into the bristles.
  4. Now spin the paintbrush as hard as you can.
  5. Once you’ve done that, you want to use water to wash it out.
  6. Spin it out again until there is no water left on the paintbrush.
  7. And that’s about it, you’re pretty much done by now.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we aimed to answer the most commonly asked questions on the internet about paintbrushes for varnish.

1. Can You Apply Varnish With a Foam Brush?

You can use just about anything to apply varnish. However, the results may not be so great. We recommend getting a bristle brush to apply varnish.

2. How Many Coats of Varnish Should I Apply?

On top of a table, you should apply 2 to 3 coats of varnish for better results. On the other hand, if you want to apply varnish on the base, you should use 1 to 2 layers of varnish.

3. How do You Get Varnish Out of a Paintbrush?

The best way to clean your paintbrush is to use mineral spirits. Here is how to do it:

  • Pour mineral spirits into a cup.
  • Hold the bristles against the bottom of your cup.
  • Now use water to rinse it off.
  • Do this until water runs clear.

4. How Do You Clean Varnish Brushes Without Mineral Spirits?

If you don’t want to use mineral spirits, you can use soap and water to remove varnish from the paintbrush. So, here are the steps:

  • Mix your soap with water on a container.
  • Dip your brush in the container.
  • Let it soak for 10 seconds.
  • Now rub it into a paper towel.
  • Keep doing this until you notice water runs clean.

5. How do You Keep a Varnish Brush From Drying Out?

How do You Keep a Varnish Brush From Drying Out

The best way to keep your varnish brush from drying out and getting scuffed up is to clean it right after you use it. Otherwise, they will get damaged after a while.

Final Words

As you can see, there are a lot of paintbrushes to choose from. So, it can be overwhelming to find the best varnish brush that fits your needs. But to make it easier, you simply need to ask yourself what you need to work on.

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