The combination of exotic padouk with mahogany is very unusual, suggesting perhaps that the original owner had a colonial connection, or that the cabinet-maker had access to exotic timber. A further centre table of virtually identical size was formerly in the collection of the Earls of Bristol at Ickworth in Suffolk. All three tables are without doubt from the same workshop, and are possibly a set.
The Earls of Bristol travelled extensively around the world. Augustus Harvey, 3rd Earl of Bristol, (1724-1779) was an admiral in the English navy, whilst his brother Frederick (1730-1803) became Earl Bishop of Derry and spent most of his life travelling and amassing a vast collection of souvenirs and art, some of which were confiscated in Italy during the French occupation.
The current house at Ickworth was built for Frederick. Gillows of Lancaster numbered the Harvey family among their clients, and many pieces by Gillows are still in the collection at Ickworth today.
A closely related drawing for tables of this type by Gillows is preserved in the Westminster City Archives in London.

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  • Provenance

    Probably Ickworth, Suffolk, England.
    Collection of Robert Hatfield Ellsworth, New York, USA.

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